Floral festival featuring installations, workshops to be held at Jewel Changi Airport from Sep 1 to 10

Visitors can also purchase flowers, horticulture equipment and more at the floral marketplace.

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Published: 18 August 2023, 4:49 PM

Award-winning artworks and floral displays will be showcased at Jewel Changi Airport’s upcoming floral festival from Sep 1 to 10.

Called Jewel Blooms, the inaugural event aims to help foster a love for blooms in people of all ages, while also giving them the opportunity to “celebrate the beauty of flowers” and the “Splendours of Singapore” when walking among the wide range of flowers and plants.

Floral installations will be set up at Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Park Petal Garden. They feature large floral displays and original designs made by local floristry artists like Anson Low, Berlinda Tan and Felicia Kang.

According to Jewel Changi Airport, each display would “capture the essence of Singapore’s unique charm and diversity”.

To heighten the installations’ visual appeal, the Shiseido Forest Valley will be decorated with additional blooms during the event’s duration. Visitors would be able to take aesthetic photos with a backdrop filled with floral splendour.

A marketplace will also be set up from Sep 1 to 3, with eight pop-up stalls run by local artisans, plant nurseries and other eco-friendly vendors. This includes names like tropical orchid grower Toh Garden, floral wholesaler and distributor Candy Floriculture, and Nobleman School of Floral Design.

There, visitors can shop for plants, flowers, horticulture tools and other items.


The marketplace will only run for three days from 10am to 8pm at Basement 1 Atrium. PHOTO CREDITS: JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT


A one-day Plant Swap activity will also be held on Sep 2 at Level 2 South Gateway. From 10am to 12pm, plant enthusiasts can network, trade plants and exchange gardening or plant tips with one another.

Visitors can also look forward to participating in various talks, workshops and demonstrations at Jewel Greens 2023. A total of five sessions will be held from Sep 2 to 3, with each being held by experts in fields like ikebana arrangements, horticulture, floristry and more.

They can learn how to arrange flowers in a “loose and vibrant style” with Studio Poppy founder Sarah Lim, or watch a demonstration of making home-friendly ikebana arrangements with professional Christopher Lim.

All but one session is free for all to participate in. The Bell Jar Arrangement workshop requires participants to pay $65 to enter, with the price being inclusive of materials like preserved flowers and a variety of plants for them to use and create an arrangement with.

The event is free for all to enter, though admission fees into Canopy Park still apply. More information about Jewel Blooms 2023 can be found on Jewel Changi Airport’s website.

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