Five wholesome activities to explore with your friends

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new for your next outing!

Effie Tan

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Published: 12 May 2021, 5:41 PM

Bored of going to cafes and malls over and again? If you’re keen on trying something new and exciting with your friends, we’ve got you covered! 

These five activities have been gaining popularity among youths lately so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and explore the creative and crafty sides of you! 

Here is a list of wholesome activities that you can indulge in and bond over with your friends. 

1. DIY crafts

Nothing quite says ‘besties’ like having personalised matching phone cases with your best friends. At CraftBeast art studio, you can create your own. 

CraftBeast is the very first decoden studio available in Singapore. They provide their customers with a studio consisting of DIY tools and materials to work on different DIY crafts.


DIY according to your likings and preferences to bring home a unique custom made souvenir from CrafeBeast. PHOTO CREDITS: FACEBOOK/CRAFTBEAST HANDMADE


Apart from phone cases, CraftBeast also offers a myriad of other DIY crafts options, including ornaments, tissue boxes and mirrors. 

Check out their DIY crafts price menu on Instagram and proceed to book an appointment with your friends on their Facebook page. CraftBeast is located at 345 Beach Rd, Singapore 199568. 

2. Art jamming

Art jamming is an awesome painting experience for all artsy-fartsy friend groups out there. 

Cafe de Paris, located at 313 Somerset, is a Korean cafe that serves food and beverages and provides art jamming sessions at the same time.


Cafe de Pari is currently running a Mother’s Day special promotion from May 1 to May 31. PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM/CAFEDEPARIS_SINGAPORE


The price for a three-hour free-and-easy session starts from $28 per pax. 

Reserve an art jamming session to unleash the inner artist in you while sipping on a complimentary drink at Cafe de Paris here

Cafe de Paris is located at #B1-37, 313 Somerset.

3. Pottery making

Learning new things is more enjoyable when you experience it with a friend. If you haven’t tried your hand at the art of pottery, you can do so at Common Touch

Common Touch is a studio that welcomes anyone and everyone to create pottery and enjoy the therapeutic process of it.  

If you’re looking for a one-time pottery experience, Common Touch provides a three-hour Hand & Wheel session where you’ll learn how to craft two to three pottery pieces from scratch. 


Enjoy discounts for some of Common Touch’s workshops when you sign up with your friends. PHOTO CREDITS: COMMON TOUCH


Apart from the Hand & Wheel package, their Rent-A-Wheel package, consisting of four sessions, is also available for those who’d like to pick up pottery making as a hobby. 

Find out more about their packages and exclusive workshops on their website. 

Common Touch is located at 45 Burghley Dr, #01-08 Burghley Lifestyle Hub, Singapore 559022. 

4. Terrarium workshop

If your group of friends are plant enthusiasts and would love to build and design your very own mini garden in a unique gardening container, check out Terrarium Singapore.

Terrarium Singapore is a workshop where you can build aesthetic terrariums with terrarium plants and cute mini figurines from scratch.


Spice up your study or working area with a gorgeous mini garden built by you. PHOTO CREDITS: TERRARIUM SINGAPORE


Starting from $28, Terrarium Singapore offers a range of virtual and physical terrarium workshops. 

You and your friends can similarly purchase their Creative Home Kits and build the terrariums in the comfort of your own homes. 

Book a slot at a terrarium workshop by Terrarium Singapore hereTerrarium Singapore is located at 5 Guillemard Rd, #03-01, Singapore 399685.

5. Escape rooms

If you’re not too much of a crafty person, fret not! Escape rooms are a great alternative to a wholesome activity that requires creative intelligence and teamwork. 

Xcape Singapore is the first reality room escape game in Singapore that provides endless unique and exclusive escape room themes.


Try every way you can to get out of these escape rooms with your group of friends. PHOTO CREDITS: FACEBOOK/XCAPE SINGAPORE


Ranging from renowned horror movies like Annabelle to thriller movies like Train to Busan, you get to experience being the main character of these movies in reality. 

The prices for the escape rooms start at $44. 

You can view the different escape rooms available on their website before booking. 

Xcape Singapore is located at 161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188436. 

Be sure to snap photos and record videos to create everlasting memories of these wholesome experiences with your friends!  

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