Five ways to spice up your home photoshoot

These photoshoot ideas are practical and easy to try without leaving your house.

Stacey Tay

When she’s not writing articles, you’ll find her at home using her sewing machine.

Published: 14 July 2021, 5:37 PM

If you find yourself stuck in a creative drought with how to take your next #OOTD picture, how about creating the pictures from home? 

Using some props you have lying around at home, these photoshoot ideas are creative and doable to try without leaving your house.

So grab your phone or camera and try out these five home photoshoot ideas to sprinkle some fun into your Instagram feed.

1. Use a sunset projector lamp for a flattering lighting

Are you a fan of sunsets? You can have your own “Golden hour” photoshoot at any time of the day with a sunset projector lamp

The lamp projects radiant orange and yellow hues on your room walls. Your room will have a view of a gorgeous sunset glow. 


A sunset projector lamp is budget-friendly and offers a more sophisticated background. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/STACEY TAY


All you need to do is set up your sunset lamp by plugging it into a USB wall charger. You can adjust the size of the “sunset” by rotating the lamp.

Place the lamp about one metre away from a blank wall to create a circular, yellow glow across the wall. 

You can purchase a sunset projector lamp of your own on Shopee or AliExpress.

2. Snap a mirror picture

Mirror photography offers many possibilities. All you need is a mirror and an open space to capture your reflection. 

Here are some mirror photo ideas for you to feel less awkward and experiment with. You can use your mirror to create awesome self-portraits.


You can make use of natural or artificial lighting and then position your mirror. Snap as many photos as you wish! PHOTO CREDIT: LIZA SUMMER VIA PEXELS


Your mirror picture does not always have to feature your face. If you want to focus on your outfit instead, position your phone or camera in the centre of your face. 

If you’re feeling tired from the shoot, take a seat on a stool or another piece of furniture and snap a photo from that angle. 

Let the photoshoot commence!

3. Use plants as props

If you are a plant parent, gather your plant family and show off your collection! 

Using your plants as props, you can interact with them by touching the leaves or leaning towards them. 


Avoid doing static poses and fill your photos with greenery. PHOTO CREDIT: AYAN SYAZWANI ROSIK VIA UNSPLASH


For a striking image, pick an outfit with bright colours that complements the background. 

With the current trend of becoming more eco-friendly, plants can add something extra to your next Instagram post.

4. Hang bed sheets as a backdrop

If your walls are too empty as a background, using bed sheets is a quick and easy DIY method. 

Bed sheets are inexpensive and you can use thin sheets such as linen or silk. Find sheets that are large enough to use as a backdrop. 


Grab any plain bed sheets for your backdrop, preferably a simple colour like white or grey. PHOTO CREDIT: MARIA ORLOVA VIA UNSPLASH


You can tape or pin the sheets to your wall or drape it over some tall furniture.

The bed sheets creases may appear in photos so a good tip is to iron them before setting up. 

Now, you have created your own photography studio from home!  

5. Pose with your pet

Have a pet at home? Get it to join you in photo taking!

Animals are adorable so your Instagram post will be flooded with likes and comments. 


You can use treats to get your pet’s fullest attention to take the photos with you. PHOTO CREDIT: TRANMAUTRITAM VIA UNSPLASH



You can experiment with different angles by capturing photos at your pet’s eye-level or slightly higher. 

If you’re taking a selfie and need to carry your pet, use a self-timer and position your phone on a tripod for a clear photo. 

Nothing really compares than a selfie with your cute pet and it is a unique way to bond with them. 

There are plenty of ways to capture snapshots without leaving the house. With these five ideas, you can now set up your own photoshoot at home!  

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