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Five ways to look your best in Uniqlo U AIRism Oversized T-Shirt series

The four new colours include a pink tee suitable for Chinese New Year festivities.

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Published: 28 January 2022, 6:43 PM

These days, it seems to be the ‘in’ thing among Singaporean men to have at least one UNIQLO AIRism’s oversized t-shirt in their wardrobe. 

From TikTok videos like a wife showing her husband’s Uniqlo-filled wardrobe, to Reddit forums of men giving fashion advice for UNIQLO wear, it is hard to ignore the growing trend.

Locally, it’s probably easily explained given these shirts’ unmatched suitability for both the humid outdoors and cooling indoors. 

It should then come as no surprise that UNIQLO has added four colours to its existing Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt series.


The new colours in the Uniqlo U AIRism Oversized T-Shirt series consist of purple, pink, green and brown. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIQLO


We decided to pay UNIQLO a visit to figure out what exactly is the hype behind these oversized t-shirts.

Below are some ways you can style yourself for a multitude of occasions, including the upcoming Chinese New Year!

1. Indoor activewear

This fit is meant for a casual gym session away from the sweltering heat, with jogger pants to keep you well-padded for an air-conditioned environment.


Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt ($19.90), UV Protection 2WAY Stretch Cap ($29.90), Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants ($29.90) PHOTO CREDIT: CALEB LAU


Finish the outfit with a cap to add a touch of personality!

2. Casual with a touch of formality

Heading out for a date, but can’t decide what to wear yet? If going out in full tuxedo is too formal and singlet and slippers look too casual, this fit might just be the solution.


Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt ($19.90), Dry Stretch Easy Shorts ($19.90), Premium Linen Stand Collar Long Sleeve Shirt ($49.90) PHOTO CREDIT: CALEB LAU


Though UNIQLO’s long sleeve shirt can be styled as an outfit on its own, it can also be repurposed as an outerwear for an added sense of formality!

3. Casual fit for a sunny day out

To keep cool in the hottest of days in our humid climate, this attire hits the mark and the purple gives a pop of colour to an otherwise dark outfit.


Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt ($19.90), UV Protection Bucket Hat ($29.90), Dry-Ex Shorts ($29.90) PHOTO CREDIT: CALEB LAU


Don’t forget to put on a bucket hat before heading out of the door too!

4. For more formal gatherings

This is a fit for social gatherings in a classier setting, but yet keeps you looking hip.


Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt ($19.90), EZY Jeans ($59.90), Overshirt Jacket ($49.90) PHOTO CREDIT: CALEB LAU


The overshirt jacket’s collar and front pocket over the t-shirt can give a sense of formality.

5. Pink for Chinese New Year

Spruce yourself up with this well-suited colour for the festive season!


Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt ($19.90), Colour Denim Shorts ($29.90), UV Protection Twill Cap ($29.90) PHOTO CREDIT: CALEB LAU


With a pair of white shorts and a brown cap, you will look sharp for any home visitations!

The Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt series is currently available at $19.90 a piece, both online and in stores.

The four additions come as part of the upcoming UNIQLO U 2022 Spring/ Summer Collection, which launches on Feb 4. 

Hopefully the aforementioned five ways to style oversized shirts can inspire you to put on your creative hats in the sea of this trend!

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