Five ways to give back to the community this Christmas

Here’s how you can spread some joy this festive season.

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Published: 15 December 2020, 4:21 PM

The Christmas season truly hits different. It’s when we look back on the year and spend time with our friends and family. 

And of course, it’s all about giving and sharing.

If you’re looking for ways to give back to the community this Christmas, here are five ways for you to do so!

1. Giving care packs

Who says gift-giving is only limited to your friends and family? For Christmas this year, spread cheer around the neighbourhood by giving a care pack to a stranger.

It can be the auntie you’ve been meaning to buy tissue paper from, or the road sweeper who comes by every morning to clear the trash.

Fill it with masks, sanitisers, snacks, any goodies of your choice really, and watch their smile widen as you hand them a pack and wish them a merry Christmas.


This Christmas, don’t forget about those who work hard behind the scenes! PHOTO CREDIT: KIRA AUF DER HEIDE VIA UNSPLASH


2. Volunteer

When celebrating Christmas with your friends and family, it’s also good to think about the less fortunate people in the community. 

Or why not make time for them by signing up as volunteers with your friends and family?


During the festive season, some non-profit organisations need all the manpower they can get. PHOTO CREDIT: RAY SANGGA KUSUMA VIA UNSPLASH


If you and your friends are animal lovers, you can volunteer at animal shelters such as Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, Animal Lovers League and SOSD Singapore.

Alternatively, if you have a heart for the elderly, St John’s Home, Home Nursing Foundations and Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home are good options to consider.

Youth Corps Singapore also provides volunteering opportunities for young people who are passionate about helping out in causes such as education, environment, health, special needs, arts, sports and heritage.

Whether you volunteer at an animal shelter or an old folk’s home, all you need to do is ask around your community or look them up online to see if there are particular organisations you’re interested in.

3. Donate to fundraiser campaigns

While on the topic of non-profit organisations, if you wish to help out but don’t have much free time, you can consider donating to fundraiser campaigns too!

Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair. It can be as simple as donating a small sum of money to a non-profit organisation of your choice.

It can be an arts-based community development organisation that harnesses the power of the arts to create positive change in the community or a society that protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions.

You can find more causes to support here.

4. Donate blood

Donating blood definitely isn’t on the minds of most Singaporeans, much less so during the festive season. However, the need for blood hasn’t stopped just because of Christmas.

Every hour of the day, 15 units of blood are used in Singapore. We need more than 400 bags of blood to meet the transfusion needs of patients every day. 

For many patients, blood donors are their lifeline as one unit of blood can save three lives. So, why not donate blood and help save some lives this Christmas?


According to the Singapore Red Cross, 120,000 units of blood are needed to meet the transfusion needs of patients every year. PHOTO CREDIT: PRANIDCHAKAN BOONROM VIA PEXELS


You can find out more about blood donation here.

5. Buy a meal for a stranger

Paying for a meal for the person behind you in line may not be a common occurrence in Singapore, but it is a sure way to make someone’s day.

When you’re getting your daily coffee from Starbucks or grabbing a to-go meal from a McDonald’s drive-thru, take the extra effort and offer to treat the stranger behind you.

Just imagine the smile on their faces when they realise their meal has been paid for.

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