Five unique mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

From Mahjong to jelly art, these modern twists to the traditional mooncake are a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Sarah Chan
Sarah Chan

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Published: 24 September 2020, 8:38 PM

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner and mooncakes are a must-have item during this celebration.

In recent years, there has been a wave of new and unusual mooncake flavours to usher in the occasion.

If you are planning to find some fun ways to savour this traditional pastry, here are five Instagram-worthy mooncakes that you can check out!

1. Mahjong mooncake 

Calling all Mahjong players, this one’s for you!

If you miss your Mahjong kakis and regular playing sessions due to COVID-19, you can still indulge in the game, albeit a bit differently this Mid-Autumn.

Mahjong Mooncake
These Mahjong tile-designed mooncakes come in a box of 16. PHOTO CREDIT: ONE-TWO-THREE-SHOP’S FACEBOOK


These snowskin mooncakes from One-two-three Shop are available in an assortment of fillings, including pandan or durian, and are a near perfect duplicate of the Mahjong tiles you know and love.

2. Jelly art mooncake 

There is something about jelly art that stands out from regular desserts – it is both food and art with its intricate designs to create near-realistic pieces.

Such is the case for these mooncakes from Blossom Bees, a local home bakery specialising in 3D jelly art.

Rabbit Mooncake
An oriental flower-themed Mid-Autumn mooncake gift set made entirely out of jelly. PHOTO CREDIT: BLOSSOMBEES_BY_WEE’S INSTAGRAM


The Mid-Autumn gift set features three oriental flower designs and an adorable rabbit in front of the moon, a reminder of the popular Jade Rabbit tale during Mid-Autumn.

3. 3D floral design mooncake 

Who knew a traditional mooncake could look this spectacular?

These homemade vegetarian mooncakes from Binglovecakes are made without eggs and feature a three-dimensional floral design, with an assortment of flavours to choose from.

Floral Mooncake
These fun mooncakes come in an assortment of floral designs PHOTO CREDIT: BINGLOVECAKE’S FACEBOOK


The colourful toppers add a vibrant touch to a usually light brown mooncake. I am especially drawn to the distinctive visuals that are 100 per cent Insta-worthy.

4. Galaxy mooncake 

You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away for these mooncakes – it brings the galaxy to you!

These galaxy mooncakes are an original design of Rachelrax Cakes and are a modern and futuristic take on a traditional mooncake.

At a glance, the glossy exterior resembles little pieces of art that look way too good to be eaten. Inside, they are filled with a mousse-like texture that is still firm enough like a regular mooncake.

Galaxy Mooncake
Each colour of the galaxy mooncakes represents a different flavour. PHOTO CREDIT: RACHELRAX CAKES’S FACEBOOK


If you are someone like me who is getting a bit tired of the usual lotus-filled mooncakes, these little galaxy pieces might pique your interest.

5. Thousand layer character mooncake 

Anything that is colourful and cute catches my attention almost immediately, and with these mooncakes, what more can I ask for?

Taking on a fun twist to the traditional Teochew thousand layer mooncakes, these flaky mooncakes from koala.tea.break are sure to draw the likes of both young and old with its cheery pastel colours and adorable characters.

Character Mooncake
These mooncakes are topped off with pastel-coloured characters made from pineapple cake. PHOTO CREDIT: KOALA.TEA.BREAK’S INSTAGRAM


What’s best, if you have a character in mind, you can send an enquiry to customise the designs yourself.

Have fun this Mid-Autumn with these memorable mooncake designs that are sure to bring some joy even if you’re celebrating it from home.



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