Five types of people you see on a rainy day

Some of us are lazy, while others are rushing to get to somewhere.

Yonas Ngaturi

Published: 11 August 2015, 12:00 AM

The recent downpours during the Jubilee Weekend were a cooling respite from the incessant heat. It has seen us frantically fanning ourselves at one moment, before pulling our sweaters to avoid freezing to death.

It feels so different waking up to gloomy, grey skies and the pitter patter of raindrops. Just as the surroundings are different, the people are different too.

Here are five types of people you might see on a rainy day.


1. The sleepyheads
Some of us might be rudely awakened by the rain splashing into your room because you did not close the window the night before. Others are oblivious to the downpour, and end up sleeping like a log through the night.


How I usually spend my rainy mornings.
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In any case, there is nothing like waking up to the cool air of a rainy morning and having your blanket over your body to keep you warm. Better still if you have the luxury of sleeping in and lying in bed all day!

2. The binge watchers
I am one of them. My weekend routine includes catching up on my favourite TV shows. When the rain starts falling, it gives me the perfect excuse to lie in bed with my blanket and watch my shows all day.
I usually end up glued to my bed and my laptop screen till there are no more new episodes of Masterchef USA left to watch.


Yep, that’s me.
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3. The sweater wearers

Downpours can go on for hours, and it might even lower the temperature by two degrees. Trust me, in this tropical heat, any minute changes on the thermostat are welcome.

In town, the Central Business District areas or even in schools, you might see people keeping their blazers or thick jackets—it looks as if we are in a different country!


Nope, it is the best weather.
Photo credit: Danya A.


However, most tend to forget that the humidity level does not change much, be it rain or shine. Eventually, you will start to sweat and will be forced to remove your outerwear. So much for #sweaterweather.

4. The latecomers

Sleeping through alarms during rainy days is what these folks are highly capable of.

These latecomers tend to rush through their morning routine, using whatever means they have to grab a cab: taxi hotlines, Grabtaxi or Uber you name it, they are using it. Do not be surprised if they knock into you, or if they have a unique ‘polka dot design’ on their outfits caused by the rain.

5. The lazybums

Sometimes, the rain catches us off guard in the middle of the day. The hypnotic pitter patter of raindrops against the window or the sudden drop in temperature always makes it challenging for us to stay awake at work or in school.

Soon enough, we find ourselves surrendering as our eyes start to fail us. Just five minutes would not hurt, right? 


I hope my boss won’t come by!


Sadly, the rainy weather does not stay forever in our sunny shores, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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