Five types of concertgoers

You will definitely spot these concertgoers at every concert.

Samantha Ng

Published: 15 September 2015, 2:10 PM

If you are a regular concertgoer, you might have noticed these distinct personalities that appear at every show. Here are the five types of concertgoers you are bound to meet.

1. The ones who are just there

These are the super nice friends who are willing to fork out money to accompany their friends at the concert. They are usually bopping up and down awkwardly, and smiling while listening to the new tunes.

They might also be the ones who are constantly looking through their Instagram and Facebook feeds, waiting for the concert to end.


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2. The banner people

These are the ones who do not mind spending their savings at the merchandise table. They are proud advocates of their favourite idols, even long after the concert. Their T-shirts and accessories will be screaming: “LOOK AT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BAND/PERSON!”

The unfortunate concertgoers behind these banner people usually frown upon their presence, as their huge banners always obstruct their view of the stage. But, these banner people usually stand a higher chance of getting noticed because, let us be real here, their banners are pretty eye-catching.


The possibility of little mix noticing these fans is pretty high. Photo credit: ec.Cec.Bs.Edu


3. The ones who know every single word to the songs

These are the fans that have every single album on their phones, or did their homework to find the setlist before the concert. Regardless, they know all the words to the songs and are currently fulfilling their dreams of singing along with their favourite musicians.

There is a certain level respect for enthusiastic singers, but it can be a mood damper when you are trying to record your favourite band singing, only to capture their (out of tune) voices instead. Life is tough.


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4. The screamers

They may not necessarily know every word to the songs, but they do know how to scream the names of the performers repeatedly. You can spot these people when you are rewatching the videos you took at the concert.

They will be the ones screaming “I LOVE YOU!” repeatedly, or just screaming and cheering each time the artist says something on stage. Yes, we get your excitement, but your screams are not great for my recordings, so please shut up.


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5. The ones who watch the entire concert through their phone

These are the ones who are super focused on making memories that are easily accessible to them. They are usually seen with their phones, plugged into their portable chargers, the whole time.

Instead of watching their idols on stage, they choose to stare at their phones and catch the entire show through that little rectangle.


Some even bring their ipads to the concert… I guess a bigger screen helps with the view. Photo credit: in.Bookmyshow.Com


Dudes, why not you live in the moment?! Surely, you can watch such videos on YouTube later! Still, thanks to people like them, we can have concert videos on YouTube. Perhaps, you guys are much appreciated.

If we missed out your kind of concertgoer, let us know below!

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