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Five tips to up your Tinder dating game in 2022

More about the vibes, less about the wow.

Amanda Tan

Skills include buying the same jeans in different colours.

Published: 21 February 2022, 12:23 PM

What matters more to you on a first date – connection or impression?

Apparently, Gen-Zs now are all about connection. Passing the vibe check and matching each other’s energies are much more important than good looks and expensive meals.

To reflect these modern dating habits of the young generation, Tinder has launched Fast Chat: Blind Date in Explore, which pairs members together to have a solid conversation before allowing them to view each other’s profiles.

Blind Date will be rolling out to Tinder members globally, including those in Singapore, in the coming weeks.

To help you prepare for your next first date, Tinder has collaborated with Alita Brydon, Dating Expert and founder of Bad Dates of Melbourne to curate a list of dating tips.

Forget your typical romantic dinners and drinks. Here are five tips for your next first date that might just secure you a second!

1. Stay open-minded about first dates

Having a good time doesn’t necessarily mean grabbing a drink or catching a movie. It can be as simple as a quick coffee, roller skating or even a virtual date with Tinder’s Face-to-Face video call. Not everything has to be romantic. Sometimes it can just be chill. The most important thing is to simply give it a go!

2. Don’t forget to have fun!

There’s no need for perfection because first dates are all about fun. Here’s a funny story: This lady showed her first date how she could fit her whole fist into her mouth. While this party trick isn’t for everyone, it impressed him and they ended up getting married.

3. Always be yourself

Leave that dating “strategy” at the door. Just be yourself and make a genuine connection. After all, the right person will want you for who you are.

4. Treat your date with dignity

Tip number four but it’s probably the most important part of any first date. Being respectful and well-mannered is easy and makes the world a better place.

5. Give your date your fullest attention

Make sure you listen and ask your date questions about their life and experiences. It’s easy to talk about yourself on a date, but paying attention and making eye contact show that you’re genuinely interested in the conversation. So put your phone away, and show up – especially if you want a second date!

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