Five things to know as Singapore returns to Phase 2 on Jul 22

Social gathering sizes are cut to two, while no dining in will be allowed.

Nigel Chin

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Published: 20 July 2021, 4:45 PM

Singapore will return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on Thursday (Jul 22), as authorities try to curb the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. 

There were 182 new local cases reported on Tuesday. 

The latest measures, announced on Tuesday, will supersede the measures introduced on Monday, which had allowed those fully vaccinated to continue dining in at restaurants where possible in groups of up to five. 

The Phase 2 measures will be in place for two weeks, before the Government review and make adjustments based on the situation at that time, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

Here are five things youth should know about the latest measures:

1. Social gathering sizes are now capped at two people

Social gathering sizes will be reduced from five to two people. The same also applies to the number of distinct visitors per household per day. 

MOH has also advised people to limit their social gatherings to not more than two per day too. 

However, grandchildren being cared for daily by their grandparents will not count towards the cap on the number of visitors or social gatherings.

2. No dining in allowed

All F&B establishments, including hawker centres and food courts, can only offer takeaway and delivery options from Thursday. 

The no dine-in rule was necessarily given the rate at which new clusters are growing, said the Multi-ministry taskforce for COVID-19. 

“We know that this news is extremely disappointing and frustrating to many, in particular for businesses in sectors such as F&B,” the Minister of Trade and Information Gan Kim Yong, who co-chairs the taskforce, said. 

“These sectors have been very badly hit given the earlier restrictions and have been working very hard to adapt to the changing regulations.” 

Mr Gan added that additional support for the affected businesses will be provided too. 

3. Mask-off activities, services to cease

Activities that require masks to be taken off will have to cease. These include strenuous indoor exercises classes, or individual and group indoor sports and exercise activities. 

Services and activities, such as facials and saunas, singing and playing of wind or brass instruments, will not be allowed too. 

The restrictions will not apply to medical and dental consultations. 

4. Wedding receptions allowed to continue with reduced limit

Wedding receptions will be allowed to continue in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), but at a reduced limit with pre-event testing. 

Up to 100 people will be allowed to attend wedding receptions with pre-event testing, down from the 250 limit announced previously. 

Authorities said they are allowing wedding receptions to go on as part of a “special provision” to wedding couples, as they have faced “significant uncertainties” over the past few months. This will allow couples to continue their wedding plans, albeit with some adjustments, said MOH. 

Group sizes at wedding receptions will be limited to up to five people per table and guests will have to abide by strict safe management measures, including maintaining social distancing and avoiding mingling with guests from other tables. 

However, unvaccinated individuals are strongly discouraged from attending such events until they are fully vaccinated. 

Marriage solemnisation will be allowed to continue for up to 100 attendees with pre-event testing, and 50 without pre-event testing. Up to two people are allowed in each group at marriage solemnisations, in line with the social gathering sizes restriction. 

5. Smaller event sizes, capacity limits for attractions

The operating capacity of attractions that have received prior approval from MTI will be reduced to 25 per cent. 

Museums and public libraries will have their operating limits reduced to 25 per cent too. 

Indoor and outdoor shows are allowed up to 100 people with pre-event testing, and up to 50 without testing.

For live performances, and meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions events, up to 100 people are allowed to attend with pre-event testing. This also applies to spectator sports and in cinemas. 

Shopping malls and showrooms will be reduced from the current limit of 10sqm per person of gross floor area, to 16sqm per person. 

Congregational and other worship services will also be limited to 100 people with pre-event testing, and 50 without pre-event testing. 

No unmasking, live singing and playing of wind or brass instruments will be allowed during this period. 


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