Five things to do with your dad on Father’s Day

Here are some activities to spend some quality time with your dad on his special day.

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Published: 17 June 2021, 1:05 PM

Buying the perfect gift or writing a sweet message in your dad’s card are some of the usual ways to celebrate Father’s Day. This year, how about filling your dad’s special day with some fun ideas?

From activities that you can do at home to outdoor cycling, here are five things to do with your dad this Father’s Day.

1. Order in a feast

It’s time to shower your love for the man of the house by treating your dad with his favourite food this Father’s Day. 

Although we are not able to dine-in, you can still treat your dad to a hearty meal from home by ordering in. You can also get your siblings or mum to help set the table and dig in.


Show your love for your dad by ordering in his favourite food. PHOTO CREDIT: MARKUS WINKLER VIA UNSPLASH


There are many delivery platforms that offer a wide range of cuisines with different discount deals. If your dad is health conscious, platforms like Grain offer restaurants that serve healthy and nutritious meals. 

You can also look out for good deals through these food delivery resources that offer all kinds of food at affordable prices. And if your dad is a fan of our local cuisine, you can find out the best hawker stalls to dapao from and support here!

2. Go cycling

Hop on a bicycle and explore the city with your dad! Not only is cycling a fun activity, it is also a good way to keep active. 

Start off with a smooth and easy trail like East Coast Park where you can enjoy the sea breeze as you pedal past the beach. 

From East Coast Park, you can cycle along the 3.5 kilometers Changi Airport Connector where you can spot the outdoor display of almost 20 life-sized dinosaurs. 

Bike rental services such as GoCycling are also available in case you do not own a bicycle.


If you are early, catch the sunrise or sunset and snap some photos together. PHOTO CREDIT: YIWEN VIA UNSPLASH


Cycling is a perfect way to get off the phone to enjoy the tranquil experience while spending quality time with your dad. 

3. Make a Spotify playlist to karaoke with your dad

Remind your dad about how much you love and appreciate him by creating a Spotify playlist. 

Start your own karaoke from home with your dad while playing some of his favourite songs from the 70s and 80s. You can also compile some songs that remind you of your relationship with him too.


Some Father’s Day tunes you can add to the playlist include ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer, ‘Glory’ by Jay.Z, ‘My Father’s Eyes’ by Eric Clapton. PHOTO CREDIT: ALENA DARMEL VIA PEXELS


A personalised playlist is an endearing present that conveys how you feel with each song. With this playlist, your dad can listen and feel your love all year round, even after Father’s Day. 

You can check out these useful Spotify tricks here.

4. Plan a family workout

Although you may rather spend your Sunday binge watching Netflix shows, Father’s Day is a time to try out a new activity together.  

Wake up bright and early with your dad and break a sweat with some easy home workout videos on YouTube. These hassle free workouts require little equipment so you can simply roll out the exercise mats and find a space in the living room to get started.


You and your dad can challenge each other to see who can work out the longest without burning out. PHOTO CREDIT: KAROLINA GRABOWSKA


Aside from keeping yourselves fit, exercising is more fun when you have company. At the end of the workout, you and your dad can enjoy a filling meal.

5. Have a movie night

Bring out a bowl of popcorn and make yourselves comfortable on the couch while watching some iconic and heartwarming Father’s Day movies. 

Looking for a movie full of dad jokes? Try watching Mrs Doubtfire starring Robin Williams. 

Animated classics like Finding Nemo and The Lion King – which tells the heartwarming story of father-child relationships – are also comfort movies you can watch this Father’s Day.


If your dad is a movie junkie, he’ll be sure to enjoy watching these Father’s Day films with you! PHOTO CREDIT: GLENN CARSTENS PETERS VIA UNSPLASH


For other Father’s Day movies with other genres, you can find a list here.

There are many different ways to show your love for your dad on Father’s Day. No matter how big or small the gesture is, your dad will certainly appreciate and treasure the thought behind it.

With these ideas, it’s time to get started on planning your Father’s Day celebration!

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