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Five things that amazed us at Coldplay’s ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ concert

It was a magical night that almost brought us to paradise.

David Yip
David Yip

Published: 3 April 2017, 10:34 PM

After eight years, British rock band Coldplay finally returned to Singapore with two sold-out concerts for over 100,000 eager fans at the National Stadium.

Youth.SG managed to get seats to the four-piece band’s highly anticipated A Head Full Of Dreams tour on Apr 1, and it was nothing short of amazing.

Here are the five things that amazed us at Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams concert.

1. The colourful set pieces


If we could describe Coldplay’s concert in one word, vibrant would be it. The moment the concert started, our LED wristbands transformed the venue into a dazzling display of lights, which flickered in sync with the songs.

That is not all. We were showered with star-shaped confetti, played with huge balloons, and left in awe with the laser shows.

2. The varied set list

Coldplay’s set list made room for both new and old songs, which left us feeling nostalgic.

Older songs such as ‘Yellow’, ‘Fix You’ and ‘The Scientist’ easily stirred the crowd to sing along, while newer releases such as ‘Something Just Like This’ and ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ promptly sparked off a dance party.

3. The crowd’s infectious energy

The crowd was full of energy that night

The band didn’t have to do much to get the crowd moving. Even before Coldplay appeared on stage, the crowd was cheering about and set off multiple Kallang waves.

Throughout the night, the crowd didn’t show any signs of stopping too. They pretty much screamed their lungs out with every song, and jumped and raised their hands whenever frontman Chris Martin, 40, asked them to.

Even after the concert ended, we heard the concertgoers chanting and humming their way to the nearby Stadium MRT station.

4. The ‘Singapore Song’

Singapore gets a little something from Coldplay, who sang about our little red dot

The organisers of this year’s National Day Parade might want to take cues from Coldplay’s ‘Singapore Song’. Chris Martin serenaded the crowd with an impromptu song that made us Singaporeans feel special.

He sang about our merciless heat, paid homage to our “roar”, and teased us by saying that they’re “gonna play here, a lot more”.

5. Coldplay’s unrelenting energy

Despite the dizzying magical tricks Coldplay pulled out from their sleeves, the one thing that amazed us all was the non-stop energy from the frontman Chris Martin throughout the two-hour concert.

Chris Martin was constantly dancing and spinning around, and running back and forth the runway stage while singing.

Meanwhile, we were struggling to catch our breaths. We often wondered how Chris Martin found the energy to keep going throughout the two-hour concert, which only had two five-minute intervals for the solid set list of 23 songs. #salute

The band might have wrapped up the night without an encore, but it was a magical night that left us feeling quite satisfied.

Also, the concert withdrawal symptoms are very real.

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