Besides our love for phones and public study spots, here are five things Singaporeans are overly obsessed with.

Reuben Dhanaraj

Published: 4 June 2015, 5:52 PM

Obsession is a thought or action that occupies one’s mind throughout the day; it can also be a situational habit. While everyone has their own obsessions, Singaporeans have quite a few in common.

We have narrowed them down to these five—see if you can relate to them!

1. Never putting our phones down while walking (or driving)… ever

It was just last year that Singapore’s smartphone adoption rate stood at 85 per cent on the Google Consumer Barometer, beating all the other countries in the world.

Singaporeans are obsessed about catching up on the latest happenings in town. For instance, how many of us are guilty of fiddling with the social media and messaging apps on our smartphones while navigating through the crowd?

Sometimes, we get so engrossed with our mobile phones that we do not even notice hazards like the platform gaps in the MRT stations, or approaching cars when we cross the road. This shows how our obsession with phones can sometimes compromise our safety.

Phones are Singaporeans’ greatest companions Photo credit::

2. Earning bragging rights on social media

Most of us would probably hate to admit it, but earning bragging rights online is one sure way to boost your presence in social media.

Be it a new café, a hangout spot or a new dessert craze that just hit our shores (remember Llao Llao?), the first person to post a photo or a tweet usually gets the greatest amount of likes, retweets and ultimately, popularity.

However, this kiasu-like obsession has made us lose sight of what is most important to us. When was the last time you actually put down your phones willingly while hanging out with your family and friends?

Social media is so vast and exciting. It is no wonder it is taking over our world. Photo credit:

3. Limited edition merchandise

Most Singaporeans have an unusual relationship with limited edition merchandise. When it comes to special collectibles like the Hello Kitty plush toys and the recent SG50 LEGO sets, it is amusing to see how Singaporeans are willing to queue for hours and splurge on these marked up items in black markets.

While this is entertaining to begin with, it highlights a darker side of things. Plenty of time and money are wasted on these materialistic things which Singaporeans treasure so dearly. Whether it is to satiate a craving or to show off these items, the money spent on these collectibles could have been used for something more useful.

Few can resist the temptations of limited edition merchandise Photo credit: STRAITSTIMES.COM

4. Selfies

Our obsession does not end when we finally get our hands on limited edition merchandise or the latest dessert craze in town—we tend to sneak in a quick selfie too.

The selfie culture is taking over the world by storm, and Singaporeans seem to be lapping it up. Admit it, you might be tempted to snap a quick selfie, especially if you chance upon an Instagram-worthy background.

It has even resulted in various selfie-related issues, like the recent graduation selfies incident. While selfies are usually harmless, the obsession that revolves around it certainly is not.

The selfie craze is still going strong Photo credit: PIXSHARK.COM

5. Studying anywhere and everywhere

We occasionally see students armed with their notes and laptops, hogging tables at fast food outlets, cafes, and even random spots at the airport.

While this studious behaviour is commendable, these students tend to be so immersed in their work till other customers find it hard to find a seat. While studying is essential, the obsession over hogging these public spaces is certainly not cool.

Students in Singapore are capable of studying almost anywhere Photo credit: NANYANGCHRONICLE.NTU.EDU.SG

Of course, this list is non-exhaustive—there are many other things Singaporeans are obsessed with, such as competing for seats on public transport and queuing up for hours for a cup of frozen yogurt.

Remember, change begins with yourself. Kick away these obsessions and channel your attention towards more meaningful activities, such as spending time with your family and friends. Above all, be safe and love life!

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