Five things only girls from a girls’ school will understand

Girls just wanna have fun.

Camillia Dass

Published: 17 May 2016, 8:19 PM

Following our writer Raphael’s experience in an all boys’ school, we thought it would be cool to show you how girls’ schools are so much better. If you think boys’ schools are crazy, you have no idea how bad a girls’ school can get.

Here are five things only girls from a girls’ school will understand.

1. You’ve mastered the art of the short skirt

When you are in a girls’ school, everyone is obsessed about making our skirts shorter. There is no real reason behind this, though. Since there are no boys around to impress, why does our skirt length matter, right?

This was our philosophy. Photo Credit: SOMEECARDS.COM

Regardless, you will always see girls in the bathrooms or classrooms using super glue to fix their hems or rolling their skirt bands to shorten the length discreetly.

You will also see a group of girls staying back after assembly every day. You will be forced to use your name tags to unpick your skirts, if you were silly enough to sew it shorter. Oh well.

2. Not having to care about being a ‘proper lady’, because there was no one to impress anyway

Sometimes, we forget that we are supposed to be females. Photo Credit: SOMEECARDS.COM

The best (or maybe worst) part about being in a girls’ school is the fact that there are no boys around. And because of that, we sometimes forget to act like a “proper lady”.

Despite the frequent scoldings we get from our teachers, we will constantly sit like a boy, eat like a boy, and basically be a boy. Does it really matter when there are no boys around to impress?

3. Speed changing into your PE attire in classrooms

Remember that Polly Pocket doll with magnetic clothes? Yeah, we are pretty much like her. Photo Credit: AMAZON.COM

Being in a girls’ school does have its perks. You get to pick up unique life skills, like mastering the art of extreme speed changing.

I remember hiding behind the projector screens and tables to take off our uniforms. While slipping into our PE attires, we all prayed fervently that our female teachers (or worse, male teachers) didn’t happen to walk past right at that moment.

4. Valentine’s Day was pretty much for everyone

I always look forward to Valentine’s Day. In a girls’ school, everyone gave each other cards and candies. Once, my science teacher gave each of us a peanut – she claimed it was the ovary of the peanut plant. How romantic.

Single or not, you always felt the love on Valentine’s Day in a girls’ school.

Nonetheless, we were spared the pressure of wondering if the person you liked was going to give you a card, or not. No matter what, you always went home feeling loved on Valentine’s Day.

5. You will develop strong friendships

One of the greatest perks about being in a girls’ school is the strong friendships you form with your friends. With the lack of boundaries and the unity we developed while trying to get away with silly things in school, you tend to leave school with excellent friends.

My classmates and I have stayed in touch, even till today.
These things may sound absolutely crazy and nothing like what you would expect from a girls’ school, but it’s the truth.

Do you have any fond memories of being in a girls’ school? Let us know in the comments!

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