Five things 90s kids used to do for fun

My fellow 90s kids, you know what I am talking about.

Tan Li Wen
Tan Li Wen

Published: 8 June 2015, 8:40 PM

I do not know about you, but to me, the 90s was the best decade to grow up in. We had the coolest cartoons, the most awesome toys, and most importantly, the wildest imaginations.

Here are five things 90s kids used to do for fun.

1. Hand clapping games

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90s kids knew how to make the best of every situation and have fun no matter where and when. Even without any games or toys, we could entertain ourselves easily with simple hand clapping games. All we needed back then was a like-minded friend and we could be kept occupied for hours.


Tarzan the Monkey Man, Apple on a Stick, O Pillar Caterpillar and the classic yi er san (one two three in Mandarin) hand clapping games are sure to ring a bell for 90s kids.

2. Running games

Back in the 90s, kids ran around actively instead of trying to break a high scores on a video games. There were a couple of games that were special to 90s kids, and madness would ensue whenever we found a space big enough to accommodate these games.

Do games like Freeze and Melt, What’s the Time Mr Wolf and A.E.I.O.U. sound familiar? These nostalgic games were some of my favourite and I loved playing them with my cousins.

3. Scissors, Paper, Stone (with a twist!)

When a game of scissors, paper, stone becomes a flexibility competition Photo Credit:

As kids, the classic Scissors, Paper, Stone alone was enjoyable, but it did not offer enough challenge for us. Some of us thus invented a new version of Scissors, Paper, Stone that involved our legs.

In this new game, each player places one foot directly behind the other, and their front foot would be touching their opponent’s. The winner of each round of Scissors, Paper, Stone gets to shift his or her foot one step behind, while the loser has to stretch his or her leg to make up for the space.

This game continues until one player’s foot fails to reach his or her opponent’s. From previous experience, I advise you not to play this game with a ballerina or a gymnast.

4. Hopscotch

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Being the creative children that we were *flips hair*, we could improvise in situations where we had no chalk to draw the hopscotch boxes. We could play hopscotch almost anywhere by using floor tiles as boxes. Nobody could stop us from having fun!

5. Watching cartoons

Cartoon Network was heaven Photo Credit: RESHAREIT.COM

The best cartoons are those from the 90s, period. I will always remember watching these cartoons as a child and sitting in front of the television for hours – I even memorised the programming schedule so that I could fully utilise the time given to watch television at home.

After-school fun involved watching Hey Arnold, The Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats and Courage the Cowardly Dog instead of doing homework. (Sorry, mum)


90s kids are living proof that you can have fun without iPads and iPhones, because we had fun with each other.

Let us know what are some of the things you used to do for fun!

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