Five struggles of people who are always early

Are you always late? Spare a thought for your friends who are always early.

Camillia Dass
Camillia Dass

Published: 19 May 2016, 12:00 AM

Being early to things is a dying habit. Most people nowadays like to show up fashionably late. Thing is, it’s actually not that fashionable to be late.

When you are early, it allows you to take time to chill out and relax, and it ensures that you never leave someone waiting. It’s a very good habit that is very much underappreciated.

So here are five struggles of people who are always early.

1. Feeling like you’re “on time” only when you’re at least 15 minutes early


15 minute is a good estimate, but a 30 minute buffer is better.


I like to make sure that I always arrive everywhere at least 15 minutes early. Otherwise, I will not be at peace.

There’s just something so therapeutic about  being able to saunter in and know that you are early and ready for whatever it is that has to be done.

2. Considering arriving “on time” as being late.


Remember when Spongebob showed up almost three hours early for class? Yup, that’s me every day.
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This may sound a little insane to most of you, but when I am just “on time”, I feel like I’m really late. It really bothers me if I don’t get time to settle down in a room and pick my favourite seat or get my head settled.

3. You have to pretend to be busy doing something while waiting


Oh look. I’m totally busy on my phone and not at all a loner who likes to be early.


When you are always early, you spend a lot of time hanging out creepily at the corner of the MRT station or on a bench, if you are lucky and there is one.

In fact, I very frequently find myself sitting at the little benches they have next to the MRT trains, just watching train after train go by, just waiting for my friends to show up.

Sounds sad doesn’t it?

4. You always have to be the one to constantly make sure your friends are awake and out of the house. 


I hate getting to a destination and then finding out that my friends are all still asleep.


Morning events or meet ups are literally my biggest nightmare because I feel like every single one of my friends tends to oversleep. So I’m left with the responsibility of calling them, sometimes up to 20 times, just to make sure that they are up and getting ready to leave when they should.

Trust me, it’s a necessary evil. I’ve had times where I get to the destination, call my friend, and find out that they are still in bed.

5. You constantly have to lie to your friends about how early you arrived


I mean…it’s a lie that has good intentions after all.
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It is admittedly a little embarrassing how early I sometimes get to places. So very often I will find myself lying just to save my friends from feeling horrible…or for making me feel a little less uncool about being so early.

Are you always an early bird? Let us know what are some of your peeves that I might have missed in the comments section!

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