Five Singapore-based Instagram accounts that will improve your mental well-being

From cute comics to insightful advice, these accounts are worth following.

Celeste Lim

Published: 1 October 2020, 9:21 PM

Using social media can sometimes be unpleasant. Your social media feeds may be filled with things you would rather not see, or you may end up comparing yourself to others.

When social media gets tiring, having accounts on your feed that are filled with positivity can help you feel better.

Here are five Instagram accounts that will help improve your mental well-being by giving you advice or positivity in bite-sized pieces.

1. Aleesa Khan (@self_ally)


The box breathing technique is known to be a powerful stress reliever. PHOTO CREDIT: SELF_ALLY’s INSTAGRAM


Run by psychological science graduate Aleesa Khan, @self_ally aims to support Singaporeans as they go through self-healing.

Her posts are full of warm colours and eloquent, kind words. Her followers, fondly known as her ‘kindred spirits’, get to learn a lot from them.

2. @takeyourbraveback


The simple yet colourful designs will make anyone happy. PHOTO CREDIT: TAKEYOURBRAVEBACK’s INSTAGRAM


Featuring explosions of bright colours and words of affirmation, @takeyourbraveback is on a mission to “fight fear and spread love”.

Sticking true to its online biography of “I’ll make you smile, then I’ll make you think”, the posts all feature cute illustrations and gentle reminders that everyone needs once in a while.

3. Jang (@jangandfox)


Some of Jang’s comics are influenced by local events or food. PHOTO CREDIT: JANGANDFOX’s INSTAGRAM


The simple comics on @jangandfox revolve around The Little Fox, Jang, and its equally-cute animal friends.

The cartoon animals’ cute interactions are sure to bring a smile on the faces of anyone scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

The account also occasionally raises awareness on local issues, such as pet abandonment.

4. @hello.sync


Comparing results with your peers is something every Singaporean student has done before. PHOTO CREDIT: HELLO.SYNC’s INSTAGRAM


Founded by youths in 2019, @hello.sync aims to improve the mental wellness of children and youths through infographics and illustrations.

It shares tips and coping skills based on Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, a type of therapy that helps people control their emotions.

Youths can submit their personal stories to its Dear Youth series.

5. @cloudy.comics


This mini cloud’s silly jokes are a great pick-me-up. PHOTO CREDIT: CLOUDY.COMICS’s INSTAGRAM


Don’t you wish you had a pocket-sized friend to encourage you and make bad puns?

Look no further, because the sparkly-eyed cloud from @cloudy.comics does just that.

The account, which uploads new posts at 9pm thrice a week, will brighten your day.

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