Five simple ways to turn a bad day around

If a bad day brings you down, try one of these five ways to turn it around.

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Published: 12 April 2021, 10:09 AM

Having one of those days when it feels as though life is kicking you in the teeth? Everyone gets those days once in a while, but just because a day has been rough doesn’t mean it has to continue being that way. 

The next time that you’re having a bad day, consider doing one of these five activities to pick yourself up, and you’ll feel better in no time.

1. Spending time in nature

Being cooped inside your room all day without direct exposure to the sun can naturally make a bad day feel even worse. 

If you’re able to squeeze in some free time in the morning or during your lunch break, ground yourself in nature by going for a walk or a run outdoors. 

Moving your body will help stimulate blood flow and release endorphins, which are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.


The benefits of being exposed to nature include lower stress levels, reduced heart rate and increased happiness. PHOTO CREDIT: JOSEPHINE BARAN VIA UNSPLASH


Grounding in nature is also known to stimulate energy, boost happiness and lower stress levels. As you spend time outside in nature, find a grassy patch where you can sit and relax just for a few minutes. 

Ideally, getting outside also helps you enjoy the added benefits of fresh air and gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

2. Talking to a loved one

Bottling up your feelings for a long time can often make you feel anxious and miserable. Instead of keeping your thoughts and emotions to yourself, talk to a trusted family member or call up one of your good friends and pour your heart out.


Pouring your heart out to a loved one can help you overcome your emotional distress from the day and move on. PHOTO CREDIT: PRISCILLA DU PREEZ VIA UNSPLASH


A loved one will often show sympathy and offer a different perspective when you share your troubles with them. 

Sharing your problems with a friend or family member that cares deeply about you can definitely make you feel a little less lonely on a bad day.

3. Hop in the shower

We tend to overlook the benefits that hot water can give to the body. On a rough day, a nice hot shower can help your mind overcome negative thoughts, release the tension in your body and eventually make you feel relaxed. 

As you hop in the shower, remember to scrub away all of your fears and apprehensions from the day. Essential oils such as lavender oil can also be added to your shower gel to amp up the soothing factor.


Scented candles can be included as a form of aromatherapy to improve your psychological and physical wellbeing. PHOTO CREDIT: MADDI BAZZOCCO VIA UNSPLASH


If you’re ever feeling blue, remember to soak off the day’s stress with a hot shower and be prepared to forget about all the day’s stressors.

4. Laughing it out

Laughter is truly the best medicine when it comes to curing any problems that may have ruined your day. 

Try an activity that you know will definitely get you cracking up even when you’re not feeling the best. You can watch a funny movie, read a comic book, or simply look at that cat meme on social media.


A good laugh lowers your blood pressure and connects you with people, which can help you cope with a bad day. PHOTO CREDIT: GABBY K VIA PEXELS


Engaging in an activity that makes you laugh can definitely make you smile and better your day. After all, laughing releases endorphins that can significantly improve your mood.

5. Treat yourself to a massage

A bad day causes stress which can create tension in your neck and shoulders. If you feel like your body has been weighed down by the day, give yourself a massage by simply following instructional videos on YouTube. 

If you’re lucky enough, you can ask your loved one for a therapeutic massage to release the tension in your body and make you feel better.


A massage can help relieve pain, reduce anxiety and improve relaxation. PHOTO CREDIT: CONSCIOUS DESIGN VIA UNSPLASH


You’ll feel lighter and more relieved after giving yourself time to unwind and do the things that you love. 

Although a bad day can feel physically and mentally draining, these activities can hopefully help you feel much better in a matter of a few hours. 

Like self-help author Karen Salmansohn once said: “So you had a bad day. Don’t let it spiral you into a mindset of doom and gloom. Get back in your power. Remember you are who you choose to be.”

If you are looking for more mental well-being resources, check out Youthopia’s resource page with everything from mental health self-assessments to tips for coping with challenging seasons in life.

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