Five resources to get you started on your career during COVID-19

If you're a fresh graduate and uncertain about your career prospects, GradGoWhere can get you started with its resources.

Low Jia Ying

Published: 26 June 2020, 11:01 AM

If you’ve recently graduated, or are worried about your career prospects in these uncertain times, the National Youth Council has compiled a host of helpful resources on GradGoWhere to get you started on your careers.

Here are five resources from GradGoWhere to help you with your post-grad plans:

1. Career Readiness

At a loss for which career to pursue? The Career Readiness segment helps you brainstorm potential career paths you can take.

It includes quizzes from MySkillsFuture that assess your career interests and work values to find out what careers your personality and interests align with!

There is also a career roadtrip journal from My Working Title can help you reflect on your strengths and what you value in a career.

2. Career Guidance

Learn from those who have gone before you!

This segment will help put you in contact with industry professionals and mentors who can provide you with valuable advice when starting out your career. Book a virtual appointment with industry professionals through Young NTUC’s virtual mentorship programme. Whether it is marketing, public service, fintech, or business management, choose from their extensive list of professionals in various fields and schedule an appointment today!

Speaking to someone established in your chosen industry can give you valuable insight on how to succeed in your own career. PHOTO CREDIT: KOBU AGENCY VIA UNSPLASH

Workforce Singapore’s Career Coaches can also help you make informed decisions about your career and give guidance to help you find your career path.

3. Career Skills

Stand out in your career by making sure you are on top of your game!

This segment provides you with resources to upgrade yourself and learn new skills.

Make use of your SkillsFuture credits and sign up for courses in up-and-coming industries like data analytics and digital media.

Boost your profile by equipping yourself with industry-relevant skills.

Soft skills like negotiation and conflict resolution are equally important in navigating the working world. Check out these courses from Coursera to make yourself an all-rounded job applicant.

4. Career Opportunities

Prep your resumes and cover letters, it’s time to begin your job search!

This segment compiles resources to help you find full-time positions, traineeships, or internships.

You can gain some relevant experience with SGUnited Traineeships, with up to 21,000 positions (as of Jun 26) to choose from. More traineeship positions will be added progressively, so do check the SGUnited Traineeships website for updates.

If you’re looking for a career in the public sector, check out Careers@Gov. Or if you’re looking for a shorter-term position, INTERNSG lists all the latest internships you can consider.

5. Career Focus

Now that you’re in the workforce, stay informed and on-track with your finances and mental health.

This segment has helpful articles and resources about financial planning and mental well-being for when you begin your career.

Check out this article from Dollars And Sense that teaches you everything you need to know about investing and the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Managing your own finances is important for any working adult.

Beginning a career in these times may be stressful so it is important to take care of your mental health. These mental wellness tips from Youth Conversations can help you navigate these uncertain times.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting out a career in a recession, but we hope these resources can help ease some of your worry and put you on track to a fulfilling career!

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