Five relatable truths about cohabiting

You might wanna read this before you take your relationship to the next level...

Kristen Lazarte

Published: 28 April 2016, 4:03 PM

Cohabitating may seem daunting, but it lets you discover the real side of the person you’re dating. Plus, cohabitating means you get to spend more time with each other.

Here are five things that might happen when you cohabitate.

1. Learning each other’s weird habits

You will start hearing (and smelling) farts and burps frequently. While it is disgusting, it can be, strangely, endearing. My boyfriend and I learnt to be more comfortable around each other, like pooping or digging our noses in front of each other.

When you start to see how sloppy your other half can be, it’ll make you love each other more. Aww.

2. Your schedules will start to synchronise

If you’re a late riser and he’s the opposite, I can safely guarantee that you’ll never get to sleep in past 10am on a weekend.

You will either become total slobs, or turn into a wildly adventurous couple. Either way, you can expect plenty of changes to your schedule, and you might detest it at first. No worries, you will get used to these new changes after a few months.


One will always wake up earlier than the other.
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At times, you might start wondering how your schedule used to look like before your partner shared your personal space. I didn’t have any regrets, though, and I love the fact that my boyfriend is always planning things for us to do.

Tip: Don’t accommodate your significant other (SO) just because you’re staying together. Honesty is fundamental for a relationship to work!

3. Knowing what annoys each other in depth

I don’t just mean getting annoyed because they chew with their mouth open.

My boyfriend absolutely hates it when I leave my dirty clothes on the floor, and I get so annoyed when he nags me about it. I hate that he’s so lazy, and leaves dishes in the sink.



Fret not, the small battles you have with your partner will prepare you for the longer run in your relationship. When you are both done with nit-picking the little things in your relationship, you will start to build a stronger foundation to face bigger problems.

Like, deciding where to eat, which is a legit, unsolvable problem in most relationships.

4. You’ll rub off your weird quirks on each other

People tend to grouch about the weird things their SOs do, especially if they are in a new relationship. After staying together, it is common for the both of you to engage in each other’s hobbies. Like random dancing or playing PS4 games together.


Sharing hobbies means more fun!
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You’ll also rub off your weird habits on each other, and this will revolutionise personal preferences, like your eating habits and hobbies. For instance, if you are a fitness or health buff, your relationship might take a healthier turn (or the opposite).

5. Knowing (gradually) if your relationship can last

This might sound depressing, but it’s a fact. Cohabitating will unravel the deeper, ugly sides of each other. Sometimes, you may even realise your current partner isn’t the person you want to spend your life with.

If you’re lucky, you might find out that your SO’s your soul mate!


My friends Olivia and kKevin (above) have been dating for seven years, and are still going strong.


So, are you ready to level up? Maybe you can start by cohabitating first… Actually, do whatever rocks your boat. All the best!

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