Five problems only guys from all boys’ schools will understand

Here's to the crazy moments only we would understand.

Raphael Francisco

Published: 21 April 2016, 9:45 AM

What happens when you mix a band of hyperactive boys into the same sex school for many years? Nothing but fun, memorable and chaotic years spent in reckless abandon.

Here are five problems only guys from an all boys’ school will understand.

1. We are, sadly, deprived of the female gender

Being stuck in a male-centric environment for as long as 10 years (from primary to secondary school) creates a big problem – a severe lack of interaction with girls.

Thanks to this, we tend to act extremely awkward in inter-school events and competitions when we are forced to socialise with girls. It also does not help that we only meet girls outside school such as in religious gatherings, among family friends and even tuition centres.

You can’t blame us for being so awkward around girls. Photo Credit: ELPORCOLOCO.TUMBLR.COM

If a dear brother ends up with a date, you can expect the entire class to unite to celebrate his achievements.

2. We maintain a strong brotherhood despite all insensitivity

Spouting vulgarities is a major problem in boys’ schools, and that’s probably because we easily dismiss insensitive comments fairly easily. Insulting each other’s intelligence, body parts and even family members, it’s no surprise that trivial fights break out frequently.

However, one of the greatest things about being in a male-centric environment is that we are able to be brothers again after an argument.

At the end of the day, we’re all still friends. Photo Credit: GIPHY.COM

3. We may have a lack of decency and presentation

If there is one term that describes how we boys dress up every day, it’s “bo chap”. Some of us go to school without combing our hair. We don’t even bother changing our uniforms after an entire afternoon of football.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we are uncouth or not so well mannered; we don’t care about our appearance.

Because without girls around, we are less conscious about how we look.

We can’t be bothered about our looks. Photo Credit: GIPHY.COM

4. We can be a horny and clueless bunch

This is a common sight in school: a group of immature boys laughing about the male and female body’s unique sexual reproduction system, and cracking lewd jokes about each gender’s anatomy during biology class.

Also, did I mention that some of us have developed crushes on our female teachers? Once again, that’s what being in an environment devoid of females does to you.

Guys please remember to behave in front of girls, or else… Photo Credit: GIPHY.COM

That said, we guys are capable of valuing female friendships even more despite all the misogynistic jokes we make. (Feminists, please don’t hate us.)

5. We are experts in pulling off rabak stunts that terrify teachers

It’s true. Guys from all boys’ schools tend to have hysterical experiences in school that would leave most people flabbergasted.

Throwing garbage bins from the fourth floor, burning chairs, climbing the school fence, and leaving an entire mess in toilets are just a few of the craziest stories that have circulated around all boys’ schools.

Boys can be as rabak as the stormtroopers from Star Wars. Photo Credit: MICDOTCOM.TUMBLR.COM

As insane and uncultured as these acts sound, they certainly leave fond memories of our secondary school days. If you’re from an all boys’ school, share with us some of your crazy experiences in the comments below!

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