Five phone games to help you unwind

Spoiler alert: a majority of these games are going to involve cats.

Shannon Kuan

Weird talents include playing the violin, but with a ukulele and a clothes hanger.

Published: 1 May 2022, 9:21 PM

While flashy and fast-paced mobile games are fun and exciting, they tend to tire one’s eyes and mind out when played for too long.

Instead, what we sometimes need is a calm ‘mindless’ game with soothing background music to kick back and relax to.

Here are five stress-free mobile games you can consider downloading!

1. Tsuki Odyssey

The premise of this game is rather simple – you play as a bunny who moves to the countryside to become a carrot farmer after getting sick of city life.

What makes this game so passive and relaxing is that there is no set goal or endpoint.

The carrots farmed and the fishes caught can be used as currency to purchase furniture for your house. There is also the option to travel around the town and have mini conversations with the various animal residents at the village.


The game updates its dialogue for every animal you converse with, so you get to experience new conversations each time. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOTS FROM TSUKI ODYSSEY


You can download Tsuki Odyssey on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Cats&Soup

This game is pretty much what the title implies — cats making soup.

Together with some furry friends, you have to prepare the ingredients necessary to make various types of soup and juices.

The money earned from selling the soups and juices can be used to purchase more stalls and to unlock additional cats.


The graphics in this game are all hand-drawn. PHOTO CREDIT: CATS&SOUP


As the cats automatically kick into soup-making gear without the need to click anything, the game doesn’t consume too much time. You can simply watch your cats rush around settling their own ingredients to make their broth.

The game is available for download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

3. Fantastic Cats

Much like Neko Atsume — the hugely popular cat collecting game in 2015 — Fantastic Cats shares a similar premise.

Fantastic Cats is about putting out various toys in your backyard to attract different cats. The more cats that visit, the more rewards you earn. In return, they allow you to purchase even more toys.

There are additional daily aims and tasks, as well as the ability to chat online with other real players — an aspect Neko Atsume did not provide.


Sometimes you might even trigger a cat’s unique behaviour with certain toys. This leads to earning better rewards. PHOTO CREDIT: FANTASTIC CATS


Download it on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store!

4. Pocket Love!

If you love interior designing, this game may soon become your most used app.

Pocket Love! lets you experience the process of moving into a new home with your partner and pet.

The game offers thousands of customisation options for you to decorate and customise a quaint ‘pocket house’ by getting various furniture and items.

You can customise the design of your character and in-game partner before picking a pet together. You are also able to memorialise special events through photo-taking.

Try Pocket Love! out on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store now.

5. I Love Hue

If animals and design related games are not your cup of tea, I Love Hue might be the better choice. It is a colour grid puzzle game that is perfect for those who find comfort in organisation.

The aim is to rearrange jumbled-up coloured mosaic tiles into their perfectly ordered colour spectrum.

There are over 900 levels to play in this edition of the game. If you’re looking for a challenge, the sequel, I Love Hue Too, offers even tougher colour puzzle levels to solve.

You can find both the game and its sequel on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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