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Five nostalgic local kid shows you can stream online

Time to binge watch old Kid Central and Okto shows and relive your childhood memories with these series.

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Published: 3 June 2021, 2:05 PM

I remember coming home from school and immediately rushing to turn on the television to watch my favourite TV shows. I was so hooked on Kid Central and Okto shows that toilet breaks were only taken during commercial breaks – and it involved sprints – just so I wouldn’t miss any second of my favourite shows.

But as I grew older, these shows were discontinued and I switched into watching other shows from different channels.

However, these shows have since been made available for streaming online and I’m glad that I get to relive my childhood with some iconic kid shows from the 2000s that I grew up with. 

Here are five nostalgic local kid shows you can stream online.

1. Ubin Boy

Ubin Boy tells the tale of a Singapore city boy, Steven, who goes to spend his school holidays at Pulau Ubin after his father loses his company to a financial crisis. Steven is miserably thrusted into an island with no internet and no air-conditioning. To make matters worse, he has to spend the holidays with his cousin Ah Boy, who pranks and makes fun of him.


As time passes, Steven and Ah Boy unwillingly spend more time together, which leads them to forge an unbreakable friendship. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


Through the three seasons, new characters like Xiao Min and Bib are introduced as they accompany Steven and Ah Boy on exciting adventures in Nature around Pulau Ubin.

Watch all three seasons of Ubin Boy on MeWatch here.

2. Whizzes Of The Void Deck

Whizzes Of The Void Deck is about three kids, Jene, MC and Flash finding a way for MC to go back in time to discover her mother’s secret. But due to Jene’s mother not wanting her son to conduct experiments at home, they find themselves a room at the void deck.

Unfortunately, to use the space they have to either pay rent or provide service to the community. The kids chose the latter and found themselves helping the community with the power of science.


In every episode, Jene, MC and Flash provided scientific solutions to help out the residents who had troubles in the community. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


The bulk of the show explained science facts and showcased all sorts of easy experiments for kids to carry out using items you can find lying around at home. 

Try out some of these experiments from the show here.

3. We are R.E.M

We are R.E.M can be dubbed as Singapore’s live action version of the popular animated series Totally Spies. The iconic show revolved around three female students, Rachel, E-Ching and Mo – hence the name R.E.M –  who spend their time after school solving mysteries and crimes.


Back when I was a kid, I always wished that I was a part of the trio as I thought they were really cool and awesome at catching bad guys and solving mysteries. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


The show really showcased the power of friendship and reinforces the idea of female empowerment. We are R.E.M was so popular that the series was rebooted with R.E.M.: The Next Generation, but I personally feel that the original series was more enticing to me due to the nostalgic factor.

Put on your thinking caps and solve mysteries with R.E.M here.

4. Dream School

Dream School is an Okto Original musical drama about a group of teenagers who join a school of the arts. Teenagers Mo, Jin, Samantha, Xian, Irwan and Song applied for Dream School as they believed that their dreams would become a reality.

The upbeat drama showcases the power of friendship as the group of students help each other during their troubles and keep each other motivated in school.


While navigating their way through school life with dance, singing, and musical lessons, they also encounter struggles of a regular teenager in school. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTUBE/ SITTING IN PICTURES


Since Dream School is a musical drama, the teens also break out into song and dance every now and then by original soundtracks by Okto. Some may even likened it as the Singaporean version of High School Musical.

Check out Dream School here.

5. Groom My Room

I’m sure at one point in time every kid dreamt of being on Groom My Room. The series is essentially a room renovation show where in every episode a kid transforms their room in a short time frame within a budget.


Not only do they have to shop for their own furniture, but also discuss their idea with an Interior Designer and lead a team of room groomers to finish up their room. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


The contestant will be given two “lifelines” to use throughout the course of the entire game and if the contestant keeps within the budget, lifelines and time frame, they would win a bonus $100 voucher as a prize, on top of the room makeover they got.

Reminisce on the times we were all envious of these room makeovers here.

These are only a fraction of the shows I binge watched when I was a child on Kid Central and Okto. Hopefully Mediacorp releases more old school TV shows like Sketch or Wushu Warriors so that I could rewatch them and reminisce about my childhood.

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