Five local brands to support this Valentine’s Day

From Korean-style bento cakes to Spotify acrylic plaques, your significant other is sure to love these creative gifts.

Celeste Lim

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Published: 4 February 2021, 12:49 PM

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time for you to shower your significant other with all the love and affection they deserve.

The standard gift combination of flowers and chocolate are classics, but why not try something different?

Here are five local brands that sell original and meaningful gifts for an extra special Valentine’s Day.

1. Craft Room

Instead of gifting your significant other a framed photo of the two of you, you can take it a step further by commissioning customised portrait illustrations from Craft Room

The hand-drawn portraits are available in various styles, from watercolour portraits (from $25) to pop-up frames (from $90) and Polaroid film frames (from $15).


Craft Room collaborated with local brand Hampers By You to make special Valentine’s Day gift sets. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@CRAFTROOM.SG


With many options for customisation and decorations, be sure to browse through their website before deciding what to get.

2. JellyG

When Gabbie, the owner of JellyG, couldn’t accurately capture the stars on camera, she painted them instead. This led to her making cosmic globes with hand-drawn engravings.


The wooden globes were first launched on Valentine’s Day last year. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@JELLYGXX


The globes are entirely hand-made. Drawing, painting, engraving and assembling the product takes about nine days in total, with delivery dates scheduled after production. 

You may not get them right on time for Valentine’s Day, but it is a memorable gift regardless!

The globes are available in a standard size with 15cm height, and large size with 27cm height. 

Prices are not available online, so do contact the page if you are interested in getting a one-of-a-kind globe.

3. Omo

Spotify plaques are a great way to display your favourite song as decoration. 

At Omo, you can immortalise your significant other’s favorite song with a personalised acrylic plate. 

Alternatively, you can use a song or playlist that represents your relationship. You can even customise the cover art with a photo of the both of you!


You can customise the barcode to listen to a particular song or playlist on Spotify. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@OMO.SG


The plaques are printed with LED Flatbed printing, which ensures the colours are vibrant and won’t get peeled off.

A small plaque costs $20.90, while a large one costs $21.90. Alternatively, you can make the plaques yourself.

4. Posylab

Flower bouquets are a classic Valentine’s Day gift for a reason – they’re beautiful and can light up any room. But purchasing flowers in Singapore is not always environmentally-friendly, as they are usually imported from international suppliers and contain all sorts of harmful chemicals.

If you still wish to get a romantic flower bouquet without causing harm to the environment, consider getting Posylab’s handmade felt flower bouquets instead. 


You can get these everlasting flower bouquets for a friend’s graduation as well. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@POSYLAB.SG


Unlike normal flowers, these pastel felt flowers can last forever and are more sustainable. They may not be real flowers, but they look great and can still be used for decorative purposes!

The bouquets, which come with free delivery, start from $28 for a single flower bouquet to $78 for a larger flower arrangement.


You may have seen these minimalist Korean bento (lunchbox) cakes floating around on social media. Why not get one of your own to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner? is run by two students, who bake and decorate these cute cakes by themselves. 

To symbolise the momentous occasion of Valentine’s Day, you can try their heart-shaped bento cakes ($30). Alternatively, they also sell lunchbox cakes at $20 each, mini-box cakes at $28 each and tiramisu from $13 onwards.

The cakes are only available via pre-order. Delivery costs $12, but self-collection is available at Woodlands on Sundays.


You can customise the cake flavour, cake filling and the text. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@EGGYI.CO


At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is all about showing affection for a loved one by spending time with them.

After finding a nice gift for your significant other, don’t forget to plan a fun date as well!

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