Five local apps to help you save money

Plan your budget or find the best deals with these apps.

Sitoh Shanice

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Published: 6 April 2021, 11:17 AM

While saving up might seem like a simple task, many youths struggle to do so. 

It doesn’t help that dining out is not very pocket-friendly, and with the frequent tap of our credit cards, we are left wondering where our money went.

Not to fear, here are five local apps to help you stay on budget and enjoy great discounts.

1. Spendee

Saving money is difficult because we may not be wary of what we spend on. Spendee is a  personal finance app that helps you manage your bank account expenses. 

By linking the app to your bank account, you can not only track your finances, but also analyse your spending habits with graphs and charts.


Set up categorized budgets and track your daily expenses on Spendee. PHOTO CREDITS: SPENDEE


It even allows you to manage your family budget, so all finances can be tracked within the app.

2. Vaniday

Vaniday is an online marketplace where consumers can purchase beauty and wellness products. 

It is also a platform that offers booking of beauty and wellness services like manicures and massages at a fraction of the price.


With deals and promotions on up to 90 per cent of services, you will be able to pamper yourself without breaking the bank! PHOTO CREDIT: ALAN CAISHAN VIA UNSPLASH


Cashback is also available when booking an appointment through the app, so 10 per cent of the purchase would be added back into your account. How great is that!


If you (and your significant other) love one-for-one promotions, then The Entertainer may just be your holy grail. 

With over 2,600 food, beauty and attractions to choose from, you and your partner will definitely be spoilt for choice!


You can redeem the one-for-one deal from the same merchant up to three times. PHOTO CREDIT: THE ENTERTAINER BUSINESS BLOG


A $95/year flat fee is needed to enjoy the offer, but it’s worth it as it includes fitness, beauty and hotel offers that are exclusive to subscribers only.

4. Healthy 365

If you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle while saving a bit of money, the Healthy 365 app by the Health Promotion Board might just be the one for you. 

Users can sign up for the HPB National Steps Challenge where the number of steps you take or the intensity of exercises done will receive designated healthpoints that can be exchanged for sure-win rewards and vouchers to use on future purchases.


Rewards include vouchers from lifestyle retailers, supermarkets as well as F&B outlets. PHOTO CREDIT: HEALTH HUB


All you need is a fitness tracking device to pair with the app and start getting active to redeem vouchers!


Calling all party animals! Local app CHUG is a nightlife drinking pass for people to enjoy multiple drinks for a basic flat fee. 

Subscriptions range from $19.90 per week for up to 30 drinks to $149 per year for up to 80 drinks.


Enjoy exclusive invites to private events, priority passes for public events and even limited promotions by CHUG and its participating venues.PHOTO CREDIT: FRED MOON VIA UNSPLASH


Members can even get a free drink every day at participating bars and restaurants. You can even share it with friends to get the most bang for your buck.

Changing up your spending habits can be hard for some to adapt. But by integrating these apps to make saving money a tad bit easier – you can save more without missing out on all the fun.

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