Five lighting decors TikTok made trendy

Thanks to Tiktok, you can now elevate your living space with cool lights.

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Published: 1 April 2021, 12:16 PM

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media network with almost 689 million monthly active users worldwide. Besides comedy or dance videos, there are also videos of creators showing off their rooms and cool finds. 

From useful items that can elevate our lifestyle, to items that just look cute, here are five TikTok lighting decors to make your room look cooler.

1. LED strip lights

LED strip lights are an essential item to every TikTok creator as the colour-changing lights are often used to amplify the visuals in their videos, such as exaggerating the transitions, as well as using the lights to compliment the way they are feeling. 

The lights also got really popular as these strips are inexpensive and easy to install, so anyone could have them easily.

LED stip lights can also be adjusted to different modes including a strobing effect or customised to create your desired colour.


While the lights are remote controlled, some can even be paired with your mobile devices to adjust the colours of the lights. PHOTO CREDIT: AMAZON

2. Disco light projector

The projector garnered attention after multiple users on TikTok shared their song covers or remixes they did while having the projector shining on the ceilings or walls in their room. 


Another plus point in getting the projector is that it is small and portable, which does not take much space in your room to project the lights. With the projector, you can also have a mini disco party in your room and enjoy the variation of colours as vibrant flicks of lights are projected across the ceiling in rotating motion.


The light is available in many cool patterns and funky colours so that you can have a party right in your room! PHOTO CREDITS: PINTEREST

3. Sunset projector lamp

If you’re looking for something calming as compared to party-like LED light strips and disco lights, then the sunset projector lamp might be perfect for you. 

Made popular on TikTok because of its circular ombre glow mimicking the effect of a golden hour sunset, the sunset projector is a small but nifty lamp to  give your room a dreamy effect.


Apart from the yellowish-orange sunset, you can also choose from a variety of colourways including the soothing reddish-pink and bluish-pink hues.PHOTO CREDIT: ALIEXPRESS


The sunset project lamp is perfect to transform your room into a relaxing environment to unwind to. With a scented candle and music playing in the background, it would be great to rest after a long day!

4. Levitating moon lamp

Want something to elevate the aesthetic of your room? Then the levitating moon lamp is something you should get! The lamp gives off the illusion of a floating moon spinning freely in mid-air but is actually held together by repelling magnets. 

This levitating moon lamp became trendy on TikTok because many users were amazed at the intricacies of the lamp as well as the details of the moon.


The levitating moon lamp is also available at different stores as a cloud or a customisable picture frame, silently floating and spinning above the platform. PHOTO CREDIT: LEVIMOON

5. Colour-changing essential oil diffuser

The colour-changing essential oil diffuser got popular on TikTok as users were sharing their experiences on how the essential oil diffuser benefited them and how it provided a calming effect on them. They also emphasised the colour-changing effects made their room nicer. 

Apart from its colour-changing function, the diffuser also soothes body and mind by providing your room with fragrant oil vapors dispersed in the air. Essential oils benefit us by allowing us to sleep better, relax our mind and boost our immune system as well.


Similar to the LED strip lights, the diffuser can be adjusted to different colours while providing your room with a nice scent to ease the stress away. PHOTO CREDIT: LED CONCEPTS


All five light decorations can be purchased online from marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon at varying prices, depending on the supplier.

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