Five kinds of common drunks

Meet the different kinds of drunks that christen each party.

Samantha Ng
Samantha Ng

Published: 17 August 2015, 9:50 AM

Alcohol may be fun and all, but everyone has their limits when it comes to drinking. It can either bring out the best in you, or cause you to do things you regret.

Here are the five different drunks you will find at every party.

The sleepy drunk

This is the one friend who starts shutting down on you after knocking back two beers. This friend will probably be the one asleep at the corner of bed while everyone is jumping around getting into pillow fights.

He will also keep asking everyone to leave him alone, so that he can take a “15 minute nap”. It is often easier to let him sleep rather—when he is awake, he is not a fun person to have at parties.


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The easily amused drunk

This friend laughs at everything. Even the worst jokes become funny to him. When you try point out the fact he is drunk, he responds through giggles instead.

You can leave this one alone by himself since he will find everything super entertaining on his own. Also, he will not need you to keep the party going on his end.


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The truth speaking drunk

Look after this friend, he needs you. They are the ones who are most probably drunk texting their exes, telling them how they feel. Be a good friend, and take away their phones, even if they insist that they will not regret it.

Thanks to liquid courage, they will not hold back from telling you what they really think about you. This can go two ways; either he really loves you, or he needed alcohol to get confrontational.


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The depressed drunk 

After multiple drinks, this friend might start reflecting on his life. If he is single, it is highly possible that he will keep reminding everyone of his relationship status throughout the night.

The best way to deal with him is to let him do his thing. Tears may fall, but he will eventually tire out and settle down.


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The wild drunk

The wild drunk is also the wild card; you never know what he is capable of doing. Never underestimate their ability to live it up at the party and do stupid things. This friend will party on, even when everyone has already succumbed to the alcohol.

If you guys are having a party by the pool, be sure to keep at least five people between him and the pool because being drunk means there are no rules. He will do whatever he wants without a care in the world, so you will have to babysit him.


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That said, always drink with people who will look after you. Know your limit—drink safe, or do not drink at all.


Drink safe and in moderation my darlings, bring on the booze.
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