Five Instagrammable spots to explore in Jurong

From exploring reclusive sites to discovering more about Jurong’s rich history, here are the five spots you must visit for the gram.

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Published: 31 August 2021, 5:47 PM

Although some might argue that the west – especially Jurong – has nothing special to brag about, it is home to a number of architectural landmarks including Jurong Lake Gardens and Jurong Hill.

We explored the heartlands of Jurong recently and discovered several photogenic spots in the neighbourhood. 

Grab your camera and prepare for a fun photoshoot as you explore these five Insta-worthy spots in Jurong!

1. Boardwalks at Jurong Lake Gardens

Merely a five-minute walk from Lakeside MRT station, Jurong Lake Gardens is a picturesque park for nature lovers or anyone looking for an Insta-worthy backdrop.

Entering the park from Lakeside MRT station, there is a scenic boardwalk that stretches over the lake, offering you a great place for photos.


Take a stroll along the Jurong Lake Boardwalk, which stretches over the emerald waters of the freshwater lake. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NOREEN SHAZREEN


Amidst the surrounding HDB flats and industrial buildings, the boardwalk also provides a serene environment for you to relax and unwind from the daily stresses of life.

Address: Jurong Lake Gardens at 50 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618661

How to get there: Walk from Lakeside MRT station or bus services 49 and 154 from Jurong East or Boon Lay Interchanges. 

2. Rasau Walk at Jurong Lake Gardens

If you miss travelling and need a quiet getaway, Rasau Walk is the perfect place to visit. 

Known for its distinctive reddish-brown colour, Rasau Walk is a 300m long meandering boardwalk built over a restored freshwater swamp habitat, also located within Jurong Lake Gardens.

The spectacular view of the lake will make you feel as though you are in the middle of a rustic resort without having to travel.


The reddish-brown colour of Rasau Walk draws inspiration from the laterite boulders taken from the park’s development site. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NUR SHAZRIENA


You can even take a seat on the edge of the boardwalk to get a better glimpse of the scenery – just be sure to snap some photos while you’re at it!

To achieve the best results, boost the saturation of your photos to make the colours stand out more!

3. The Grasslands at Jurong Lake Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Jurong Lake Gardens, the Grasslands is surrounded by a sea of tall grass tufts, making it a dreamy background for portrait shots. If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve probably seen dozens of photos taken at this location.


Wearing a white outfit will make you stand out amongst the green and brown tones of the grass field. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NOREEN SHAZREEN


When taking pictures in the field, keep an eye out for ants and other insects in the grass which can cause you to itch. Otherwise, rest assured that the photos you capture here will be stunning and Insta-worthy.

Among the tall grass at The Grasslands stands the Lone Tree, a sculpture made of recycled iron bars that pays homage to Jurong’s industrial roots. With its size and distinctive colour, the Lone Tree stands out among the grasses and is the park’s focal point. 


Props such as umbrellas and sunglasses can elevate your photos. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NOREEN SHAZREEN


We recommend visiting this location just before sunset if you’re looking for that classic golden-hour shot.

4. Diamond Block at 63 Yung Kuang Road

Once you’ve explored the photogenic spots at Jurong Lake Gardens, check out these HDB blocks in Taman Jurong for some street photography!

Known as the Diamond Block, the four blocks at Yung Kuang Road are connected to form a diamond shape, featuring inside-facing corridors and a supermarket in the courtyard.

Using the panoramic function on your phone, you can capture the whole area encircling Diamond Block. 


Frame your model in the middle of the street art to create a symmetrical shot. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NUR SHAZRIENA


Besides its old school vibe and neighbourhood nostalgia, this location is also eye-catching due to its unique architecture and street art.


Lean slightly against the wall for a chic and effortless portrait shot. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NUR SHAZRIENA


While the vibrant mural brings life and energy to your photos, you won’t want to miss out on the most striking feature of the location – the turquoise wall.


The vibrant turquoise colour perfectly juxtaposes the surrounding white walls of the building. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NOREEN SHAZREEN


With its unique design and sharp leading lines, this diamond-shaped cluster of blocks offers endless creative possibilities for your photos.

Instead of shooting from conservative angles, try exploring different perspectives and attempt a low angle to get the best shot of the symmetrical building. You’ll be surprised at what this building can offer to your photographs!

Address: 63 Yung Kuang Rd, Singapore 610063

How to get there: Take the East-West Line (Green Line) to Lakeside MRT Station. Then, take bus 98 from Bus Stop 28091 (Lakeside MRT Station). It is also accessible by bus services 154, 240, 246, 30, 98 or 98B from Jurong East or Boon Lay interchanges.

5. Jurong Hill Lookout Tower

Formerly a hosting space for foreign dignitaries and royalty, Jurong Hill was transformed into a park by Jurong Town Corporation in the 1970s.

Though this place offers a spectacular view of the city, not many people know about it. Recently, the landmark has become increasingly popular amongst millennials looking for Insta-worthy spots and tourists seeking to explore less frequented places in Singapore.


Jurong Hill, also known by its Malay name Bukit Peropok, is surrounded by 15 hectares of lush greenery and stands at 60m tall. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NUR SHAZRIENA


The gentle slope on the hill allows easy access to the three-storey spiral Lookout Tower. You can also climb up to the third floor to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.


The Jurong Hill Lookout Tower offers visitors a panoramic view of Jurong and its surrounding neighbourhoods. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NOREEN SHAZREEN


The hill is also home to a memorial garden of trees called the Garden of Fame – planted by heads of state and dignitaries who have visited the Jurong Industrial Estate. 

Discover Singapore’s history and take stunning photos while you admire the panoramic view of the city here!

Address: 60 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628926

How to get there: Jurong Hill is accessible by bus services 194 and 249 from the Boon Lay interchange and 98 from the Jurong East interchange.


These are some hidden gems you can explore for your next photoshoot in the heart of Jurong. 

Put on your best outfit, grab a pair of sunglasses and get ready to snap away at these Instagrammable locations!

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