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Five hilarious card games to try with your friends

Adult card games that are sure to expose everyone and make your sides hurt from laughter.

Shannon Kuan

Weird talents include playing the violin, but with a ukulele and a clothes hanger.

Published: 17 November 2020, 3:16 PM

While most of us have probably heard about and even played Cards Against Humanity, the adult party game known for its crude yet humorous jokes, it isn’t the only card game that can incite such laughter and shock at your friends’ choices.

Here are seven other party games that are equally as fun as Cards Against Humanity!

Do note that most of them contain mature language and references so if you are not above the age of 18, maybe, umm, stick to Uno and Monopoly first.

1. Incohearent

A few months back, there was a particular Instagram filter spreading all around social media called ‘guess the gibberish’, where people would film themselves trying to decipher the correct phrase from the gibberish similar-sounding sentence within 10 seconds.

It led to many viral TikToks where people would confidently say their guesses before realising they were way off, or repeatedly saying the phrase, unsure of what they were really saying.

The filter was actually inspired by the adult party game created by What Do You Meme? called Incohearent.


The cards are split into three categories: Party, Pop culture and Kinky. PHOTO CREDIT: WHAT DO YOU MEME?


Each card has a combination of random words in the front, with the correct phrase that it is supposed to sound like along with hints, at the back of the cards.

This game is perfect for when you want a good laugh and hear your friends say phrases that they would normally never say on a normal basis!

2. Disturbed Friends

This card game is designed to expose your friends and yourself. 

A player will pull out a question card displaying a hypothetical situation and three possible answers or reactions to the said scenario.


The three possible options are all hilariously terrible and players have to expose what they would most likely do. PHOTO CREDIT: DISTURBED FRIENDS


Other players will have to guess from the three options, which they think the player who asked the question will pick.

The player will then reveal their answer to how they would react to the situation and other players who guessed it correctly will receive one #winning card. The first to person to get 10 #winning cards wins the entire game!

While this game might seem rather chill, the scenarios displayed on the question cards can be horrible and unethical, and may cause you to re-evaluate your friendships. However, it is sure to bring about endless amounts of laughter.

3. New Phone, Who Dis?

Similar to Cards Against Humanity but with a modern twist, this game is about coming up with the funniest responses to a prompt in the form of text messages.

Players have to choose from a range of cards labelled ‘replies’ in response to an ‘inbox’ card, acting like they are replying to a text message. The chosen judge for that round will then pick the winner based on which card they think is the funniest or fits best.


Test who among your friends is the funniest with this trendy game. PHOTO CREDIT: WHAT DO YOU MEME?

4. Hot Seat

For those who love talking about themselves, this game is for you.

The game starts off with a player being in the hot seat, in which they will draw a question card and write down their answer to it in secret.

Play this game at the risk of exposing yourself! PHOTO CREDIT: AMAZON


Other players will also have to write down an answer that they think the player in the hot seat will most likely reply with.

Each player will then guess which is the true answer that the player in the hot seat replied with.

Hot Seat tests how well you know your friends and also tell you what your friends assume about you.

5. The Voting Game

A party game that uncovers truths behind friendships, The Voting Game exposes what everyone thinks about each other. Heads up, this game is not for those who get offended easily. 

This game starts by drawing a card with a question written on it. Players will then anonymously vote who they think is most likely to commit that act.

Votes remain anonymous and shuffled up before they are revealed to show which player had been chosen the most for that category. 

For example, if the question card reads “Who would drink their own urine for the least amount of money?”, players will have to decide who amongst themselves would likely do so, burning bridges in the process.


Certain cards are simply questions about acts you want to see another player do and expose themselves in the process. PHOTO CREDIT: PLAYER TEN


Keep it lighthearted, and discover what your friends are really like and how everyone perceives you!

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