Five highlights from Influence Asia 2015

The inaugural Influence Asia packed plenty of surprises for social media fans across Asia.

Nurul Amirah

Published: 8 December 2015, 10:13 PM

If you were not there during Influence Asia 2015, you definitely missed out on so many things, including Girls’ Generation Tiffany and Jay Park’s appearance. *squeals*

Influence Asia is an annual awards show that invites the region’s top media influencers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to honour their individual and group achievements.

Produced by influencer and content marketing agency Gushcloud and hosted by Yello Digital Marketing Group, the first Influence Asia was held at the Suntec City Convention Centre on Dec 7.

Awards for nine categories were given out, including awards for the Top Parenting Influencer, Top YouTube Personality and Top Lifestyle Influencer.

Here are five highlights from the awards:

1. Peter Chao and Sheikh Haikel’s on point emceeing

They kept us engaged, even when there were slight technical difficulties.

Canadian vlogger Peter Chao and local rapper Sheikh Haikel kept us entertained throughout the event with their sense of humour. Even when they made a few mistakes and announced the wrong performer on stage, they quickly recovered with their comedic acts.

2. Little Yebin’s appearance

Her child-like innocence is too cute for the crowd to handle.

How often do we get to see little kids invited to an awards ceremony to present the awards? The South Korean YouTube sensation took her first flight to Singapore just to attend this ceremony.

By inviting this adorable girl, whose video about her mother teaching her to say no to strangers went viral last year, Influence Asia definitely lived up to its name for inviting such a young social media celebrity.

Yebin tried to be friendly with top parenting influencer Shaine Wong’s son, who looked rather disinterested. Aww, puppy love.

3. Snapchatting influencers

Instead of basking in the glory and enjoying the perpetual camera shutters, most influencers were busy taking snaps with and of their fans to upload onto their own Snapchat accounts. Well, they are not called social media influencers for nothing, are they?

Night Owl Cinematics’ Ryan and Sylvia even took a selfie with SNSD’s Tiffany on stage.

4. Jianhao and Naomi Neo. Together.

Jian Hao also dedicated his speech to fellow influencer Ridhwan Azman, who recently left his company.

We have all heard about their recent break up on social media, which makes us wonder how they would behave around each other at Influence Asia 2015.

Surprisingly, they were not awkward at all—they even dedicated their winning speeches to each other. At the end of the awards ceremony, they were even seen posing together when all the influencers were called up stage for a group photo.

Naomi certainly meant it when she said they still care for each other.

Naomi Neo went home with two awards last night: Top Lifestyle influencer and influencer’s choice.

5. Jay Park’s fashion sense and Tiffany’s humility

Jay Park definitely graced the night with his fashion.

Everyone went crazy when the K-pop singers walked down the red carpet. Jay Park and Tiffany were specially invited to present the awards for Top Fashion Influencer and Influencer of the Year awards respectively.

Jay Park, dressed in high cut boots, shades, a beanie and denim coat, was definitely the perfect presenter for the fashion award.

I would give my all to receive an award from Tiffany.

Tiffany, the night’s star, surprised everyone with her humble behaviour. While Reuben Kang and Jin Lim from JinnyboyTV were trying to take a selfie on stage, the beautiful singer actually offered to help them take a photo, immediately drawing cheers from the crowd. She was modest, and did not behave like a star at all!

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