Five gift ideas for this Mother’s Day

Celebrate this Mother's Day with sentimental or practical gifts.

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Published: 5 May 2022, 12:59 PM

Finding a Mother’s Day gift is probably something that most of us struggle with. The cost, suitability and practicality are just some of the many factors to consider.

While it might be difficult to get the perfect gift for your mother, tapping into their interests and hobbies might be a good first step.

If you are still unsure of what to get, here are five gift suggestions based on various interests and hobbies.

1. The jewellery queen

Local jewellery brand, XVXII launched a Mother’s Day collection on Apr 30. The collection includes jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


The Estonia necklace ($70) is one of the four necklaces that is launched under the Mother’s Day collection. PHOTO CREDIT: XVXII


The jewellery are advertised as tarnish-proof and waterproof, making them a great gift for mothers who love keeping their jewellery on daily.

Ranging from $35 to $80, the items can be purchased online or at its physical store located at 61 Haji Lane.

2. The artistic madam

For mothers who appreciate art, a hand-drawn gift by a local artist might be a good choice.

By Craft Room is a business that does custom hand-drawn portraits on mugs and photo frames. You can also opt for watercolour and digital portraits.


By Craft Room’s mugs can fit up to four illustration items and are microwave and dishwasher safe. PHOTO CREDIT: BY CRAFT ROOM


These portraits are drawn by Weiying Y, a self-taught Singaporean artist. 

The custom portraits start from $45 and the price may increase depending on the type of custom portraits you choose. The portrait order will require a lead time of three to 10 days.

You can choose your personalised gifts here.

3. The sentimental lady

If you are keen on purchasing a customised gift of sentimental value, you can consider checking out Us the Creators.

A business founded by a couple, Us the Creators focuses on not just lockets and cards but also unique and creative customised gifts too.


You can choose up to 25 pictures for the Scrapbook Playback. PHOTO CREDIT: US THE CREATORS


One of its products is the Scrapbook Playback (from $109) which automatically plays a video when the scrapbook is open. 

You can also consider the Live Frame (from $89) which loops pictures and videos on a clear display.

4. The green fingers

If your mother is the proud owner of a garden or looking to start one, she might appreciate a gift from Garden Paradise.


You can choose between a set of three and four toolsets from Garden Paradise for $9.90. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDEN PARADISE


At Garden Paradise, you can choose from a wide variety of gardening essentials such as soil, seeds, pots and gardening tools. For busy mothers, there are even self-watering bags to help save some of their time. 

Who knows, you might just pick up a new hobby as you bond over a gardening session with your mother. 

You can make your purchases through its website or its Shopee store.

5. The cooking mama

For mothers who are home cooks, kitchenwares might make for practical gifts. Blvnd’s portable blender is a functional device that would be helpful in preparing various dishes.


The blades of the blender are strong enough to blend frozen fruits or ice. However, it is not recommended to blend too much ice at once as it can damage the motor. PHOTO CREDIT: BLVND


Though it is not as powerful as a cooking blender, it is still suitable for preparation of juices, acai and drinks of all sorts. The portable blender ($54.99) comes in two colours – white and pink. 

A full charge would require two hours. The blender can be used up to 15 times per charge. 

You can purchase the portable blender here.

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