Five female-hosted local podcasts every girl should listen to

These podcasts explore everyday topics from a female's perspective and discuss taboo topics such as sex, relationships and mental health.

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Published: 23 August 2022, 9:44 AM

Podcasts have taken the world by storm and are slowly becoming an integral part of our daily routine. 

Whether you are leaning to someone for advice, needing a dose of inspiration for the day or just looking for a boost of knowledge during your daily commute, podcasts can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

As more female content creators are at the forefront of the podcasting scene, there has been a rise in female-produced content to help younger female audiences navigate life and discover different perspectives about topics such as love, friendships and relationships. 

Here are five of our favourite female-hosted podcasts that you should start tuning in to!


Launched in 2020, GIRL CODE is a podcast that aims to help younger female audiences navigate life as they form their identity.

Since its premiere on Spotify, GIRL CODE has become a popular podcast within the audio sphere and has skyrocketed to the Top 35 on the Spotify Singapore podcast charts. 


Hosted by content creators Jasmine and Tasha, GIRL CODE is a podcast under Ladies First, an all-female channel under Titan Digital Media. PHOTO CREDIT: TITAN DIGITAL MEDIA


With new episodes released every Wednesday, the podcast discusses issues such as self-betterment, relationships and mental health.

In each episode, an influencer or expert is invited to share their experiences and advice on a different topic.

GIRL CODE is available on Spotify

2. Hush Podcast

If you love having deep conversations on a girls’ night in, Hush Podcast could be the one for you.

Hosted by radio DJs Germaine Tan, Hazelle Teo and Azura Goh, Hush Podcast is a subseries of Clarity, an all-female YouTube channel that aims to engage women in loud conversations in a light-hearted manner.


Women of all ages benefit from the podcast as it discusses universal experiences that we can all relate to. PHOTO CREDIT: SPOTIFY


Every week, the trio sits down and chats about topics that youths commonly talk about, ranging from online dating, when to end toxic friendships, work-life balance and more. 

There are a number of taboo topics covered in the podcast too, such as power imbalances in a relationship, women’s right to abortion and making more money than your partner.

Hush Podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

3. Men, Explain

Hosted by Sonia Chew, Men, Explain is a podcast exploring the alternative male perspective in everyday conversations.

From gender roles in romantic relationships to societal pressure to settle down, the podcast explores ideas, beliefs and emotions from a male’s outlook. 


In one episode, host Sonia Chew spoke to local actor Gurmit Singh about traditional gender roles that still dominate society. PHOTO CREDIT: LISTEN NOTES


Each episode features a male guest, with the roster including Singaporean politician Jamus Lim, local musician Benjamin Kheng and radio DJ Joakim Gomez.

Men, Explain is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

4. Sex & Singapore City

With the tagline “Let’s talk about all the stuff nobody wants to talk about”, Sex & Singapore City is a podcast created with the aim of breaking taboos and normalising conversations about sex. 

Hosted by Nixalina Watson, the podcast also delves deep into other topics including health, fitness, feminine hygiene, body positivity and social media addiction. 


The podcast series explores intimate and controversial topics such as sex and contraception. PHOTO CREDIT: SPOTIFY


The podcast feels like an intimate girl talk as the host shares her life experiences about various female lifestyle issues in the most candid manner.

With her infectious and bubbly personality, she also does an incredible job at connecting with listeners and keeping them engaged throughout the podcast episodes.

Sex & Singapore City is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

5. R U OKAY?

As the name suggests, R U OKAY? is a newly-launched original podcast covering topics and discussions about mental health and wellness. 


Radio DJ Jean Danker speaks to guests to uncover their honest experiences regarding mental health and coping mechanisms. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


Hosted by Class 95 DJ Jean Danker, each podcast episode is a hunt to tackle hard conversations about topics such as childhood traumas, dealing with self-doubts and depression.

Every episode varies as Danker brings on different local personalities to share about their struggles and how they deal with them.

R U OKAY? is available on meLISTEN

Whether you’re feeling lost or simply enjoy uncovering new perspectives between the different hosts, these five female-hosted podcasts will surely give you just that. Happy listening!

If you’re struggling with your mental health this season, check out our mental well-being resources here.

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