Five educational YouTube channels to start watching now

Watch and learn about stocks, sketching and science.

Audrey Leong

Published: 14 October 2016, 8:59 PM

If you’re like me, you’d have been told many times by parents or friends to “get off the computer and go study!”

As you leave your phone and laptop behind to trudge to your study table, you wonder why there isn’t a way for studying to be as entertaining as your favourite content producer.

Look no further, for here are some YouTube channels that will keep you entertained and educated.

1. Singapore Stock Exchange – SGXChannel

The Singapore Stock Exchange has caught up with the times, and they have now come onto YouTube to educate Singaporeans on how they can better invest their money. They cover topics such as how to get into the stock market, and the mathematical formula of trading.

As someone who doesn't do business, the animations really helped me to remember what they were going through.

While the topics may be dry, some videos feature adorable animations that help make the more intense topics easier to swallow.

The channel has less than 100 subscribers, but it’s definitely a hidden gem of the Singapore YouTube space.

2. FZD School

Based in Singapore, this channel teaches you the tips and tricks on how to draw, even going so far as showing you how to present your portfolio if you’re a designer. The channel has theme weeks, such as mythology and alien-like creatures, where artists break down their thought processes through the works.

The amount of detail that comes with each drawing is amazing.

If you’re not a designer or artist, don’t worry. The videos are great to play in the background and you can be taken away by the stunning works of art as they are created, and maybe learn a thing or two about artists and their practice.

3. Life Noggin

Ever wanted to see the future? Or maybe you’ve wondered how long it would take to fall through the earth?

Life Noggin is here to answer those questions for you. Their 8-bit style of animation and sense of humour makes you keep wanting to go back. Life Noggin touches on science and astronomy in such a fun way, you’ll be sure to remember the lessons.

Haven't you ever wanted to ride an 8-bit dinosaur? More importantly, should we really bring back extinct animals?

4. CrashCourse

Ever wish you could get advice for your literature exam by a world renowned author? How about John Green, author of award winning books The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, giving you a detailed analysis of the Bard’s book in two short 10-minute videos?

Run by the VlogBrothers, John and Hank Green, Crashcourse is deeply padded with research. The channel hopes to be a way for students and teachers alike to have access to more knowledge than if they only had books; and more entertaining than a typical classroom bound lesson.

Crash course not only discusses information, but also relates them to real life, and teaches you applications of the topics.

Together with a few other hosts, the channel also covers the history of games, chemistry, biology, psychology and many more in depth, making it a great channel to watch on a long ride home.

5. Minute Earth

Remember those Draw My Life videos back in the day? MinuteEarth came first; except they seek to draw answers for questions that viewers might have of the world around them.

Answering the question "Can math figure out why animals have patterns?"

Much like Life Noggin, the channel answers questions on climate change and about the world at large through stick figures. It reminded me of whiteboard drawings my teacher used to draw in school that really helped me visualise what they were talking about.

Honestly, once you start binge-watching these channels, you won’t be able to stop.

On the bright side, at least you’ll be learning something!

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