Five characters you will meet in Among Us

Among Us is a game in which up to 10 players work together to complete tasks while trying to identify who the imposter is before he kills everyone.

Jeremy Na

Just like that Khalid song, Young, dumb and broke. Ok maybe not dumb but definitely the other two.

Published: 23 September 2020, 7:17 PM

You might have seen memes going around depicting colourful minion-like creatures calling each other “Sus!” lately.

For the uninitiated, sus is a shortened form of suspicious and is used to highlight some shady business going on. These memes stem from a game titled Among Us where teams of up to 10 try to figure out who among them is the imposter while trying to accomplish team tasks.

Of course, there will be plenty of lies and accusations flying around in the game.

Think of it like a mix between Cluedo and Monopoly. Cluedo for the detective work and Monopoly for its friendship destroying properties.

With such colourful gameplay, it’s only natural to see many different playstyles. Here are the five types of players you’ll encounter in Among Us.

1. The Detective 

The Detective loves to play police and frequently leads investigations in games. He is ever vigilant and knows exactly who to call out. Or at least that’s what he thinks.

His love for investigations also means constantly calling for emergency meetings which often disrupt other crewmates from completing their tasks. Occasionally also played by the impostor.

The Detective loves calling emergency meetings. PHOTO CREDIT: MEMUPLAY 


2. The Trigger-Happy 

The Trigger-Happy is just like The Detective…without any of the detective work anyway.

He just loves to accuse people. He loves chaos and lives for it. He doesn’t care who the imposter is, as long as someone gets ejected and that someone isn’t him.

In love with drama, he will lie and accuse others for absolutely no reason. Completing tasks? Sus. Following someone? Sus. Alone? Definitely sus.

Crewmate round
The Trigger-Happy’s main goal is for someone to get ejected – impostor or not. PHOTO CREDIT: BLUESTACKS 


3. The Hard Worker 

The Hard Worker rarely speaks and has only two goals in mind: Completing his tasks alone, and avoiding death.

Unfortunately neither of those goals are often met as him being alone makes him an easy target for the impostor. He also lacks an alibi, making him an easy target during voting.

Most common among quiet solo players, a single sus thrown his way often means a death sentence.

Among us white ejection
The Hard Worker is an easy target for both The Trigger-Happy and The Manipulator. PHOTO CREDIT: GAMEWITH


4. The Manipulator 

The Manipulator does not care for crew-member rounds and is a terrible teammate. He is however, an expert in using reverse psychology to flip accusations onto others as the impostor.

If he’s not playing The Detective, then he’s acting blur and pretending to be a new player to avoid suspicion. As an impostor, leaving him unchecked will result in many deaths.

However, calling him out during a meeting will somehow end up with you being ejected instead thanks to his persuasion skills. Definitely mains red, since red is always sus.

Among us red meme
The Manipulator lives only for imposter rounds. PHOTO CREDIT: u/ BLAIRS6 ON REDDIT 


5. The Amateur 

The Amateur is unfamiliar with the mechanics of the game and takes forever to complete tasks.

This lack of experience means he doesn’t know his locations and cannot account for where he is, leading to him being ‘sussed’ and ejected extremely quickly.

The Amateur will murder someone and use the vent in front of someone else. When he gets ejected, he gets salty easily because he cannot figure the game out no matter what.

Oh, that’s me. I’m The Amateur.

Imposter round
Note to self: Do not vent in front of crewmates. PHOTOCREDIT: MJ TEEE ON YOUTUBE


Among Us is available on mobile for free and retails on PC/Mac for $5.25.

Pro tip: Although playing solo is fun as well, playing with friends is infinitely better. Just be careful not to burn too many bridges in the process.


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