Five annoying types of pedestrians

If you are one of these, I hope we never cross paths.

Nurfaizah Faizuwan

Published: 28 January 2016, 11:24 AM

If you live five or 10 minutes away from the bus interchange or MRT station, you probably walk home a lot. It’s not about the extra “exercise”—waiting for a bus that is filled to the brim is too much for you to handle after a long, tiring day at work or school.

During your walks, you might bump into your neighbour or an old friend, but have you also met any of these five annoying types of pedestrians?

1. Pedestrians who wait at the traffic light without pressing the button.

I do not understand these pedestrians at all. Do you want to wait forever? How can you just stand beside the traffic light post and not lift a finger to press the button?

To make things worse, we sometimes miss the traffic light, thanks to their negligence. If you stand beside the button, please do us all a favour and press it, I beg you.


I writhe in anger every time it happens to me.
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2. Slow walkers.

I am not referring to the elderly or those who have a reasonable reason to walk slowly. But, to those who walk v e r y slowly in a crowd: dude, why?

There should be two lanes on every pathway: a slow lane, and a fast lane. Why can’t we all have an unspoken rule for these slow walkers? Just like how we tend to stand on the left side of the escalators, I think these slow walkers should walk on the left side too.


It gets worst when there are slow walkers in a crowded area.
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3. Inconsiderate pedestrians with huge, bulky plastic bags.

I understand, you probably just finished doing your grocery shopping. You have lots of bags to carry but you only have two hands.

But, please be considerate and try not to block the entire pathway. While we can all relate to your situation, it does not mean that you can block our entire pathway.


I know it’s heavy but… I need more space to walk.
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4. Pedestrians with their eyes and hands glued to their mobile phones. 

This is something I really cannot stand. Why are people so attached to their smartphones? You have all the time in the world to use them but can you please divert your attention to the pathway when you are walking?

Also, I do not appreciate your ‘Tsks’ when I bumped into you accidentally—you should have seen me coming, if not for your phone.


Using your phone while walking can be quite dangerous.
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5. Groups that walk in a straight line. 

The usual suspects? Big groups of students who just ended their school camps or class outingS. They tend to walk and talk at the same time while walking in a straight line.

I do not mean to disrupt your conversation, but you are blocking the entire pathway, I can’t even make a quick exit on the grass patches by the sidewalk. So, can you please have your conversation elsewhere?!


Walkways are meant for walking, not long conversations.
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If you happen to be one of these annoying pedestrians, I’m sorry, but I truly hope you would change and become a better pedestrian. Well, for safety purposes of course. #shrugs

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