Five alternative ways to break a sweat and get fit

You can still have fun while exercising.

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Published: 26 January 2021, 6:06 PM

The constant inactivity from working from home has taken a toll on your overall fitness but you just can’t seem to find the motivation to pick yourself up to head to the gym. It’s just too daunting!

But how about a fun alternative to get fit? If heading to the gym sounds way too basic or you are looking for ways to up your fitness game, here are five alternative activities you can pick up to break a sweat.

1. Spin Classes

The best thing about spin classes? You don’t need to learn how to cycle to join a class. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@ABSOLUTECYCLESINGAPORE


Spin classes are high intensity, cardio workouts often paired with heart-pumping music on a spin bike – a type of indoor cycling machine.

Conducted at air-conditioned spin studios, spin classes are usually recognisable from its colourful disco lights that makes exercising more enjoyable in a fun setting.

Spinning is said to be effective in improving cardiovascular health and strength building with its full body workout targeting major muscle groups.

Besides spin classes, the activity also has a water-based alternative offered by Aquaspin where you can work up a sweat with less fatigue on the joints.

Spin your way through with classes by Ground Zero and Sync Cycle or spin on the dance floors of Zouk with Absolute Cycle X Zouk.

2. Aerial Yoga

Relax in mid-air and experience the zen of aerial yoga as you swing from the hammock. PHOTO CREDIT: COTTONBRO VIA PEXELS


Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is a hybrid take on traditional yoga with added benefits to the stay fit.

Practised on a hammock suspended from the ceiling, the activity incorporates various elements of yoga, pilates, gymnastics and more, all while airborne.

Besides working out your core muscles, aerial yoga also improves your flexibility as you maintain a range of motion while maneuvering between the poses. You might even find yourself working on traditional yoga poses with greater ease after some practise in the air.

You can find your next aerial yoga session at Aerial Fitness Studio and Hale Yoga.

3. Trampoline Fitness

Expect a fun workout session being surrounded by bright neon lights while working out to heart pumping music. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@BBOUNCESTUDIO


Trampoline fitness – also known as rebounding – is a fun alternative to your usual cardio session that will give you full body workout.

The high-intensity, low-impact activity is typically performed on a mini trampoline, with some studios also incorporating the use of resistance bands and weights to up your exercise game.

Rebounding can also be practised from home once you are familiarised with the activity as all you need is a mini trampoline setup and some groovy music to move to the beat.

Rebound your way to a fitter you with classes at BBounce Studio and BounceFit by Kulture.

4. Barre Classes

Barre workouts are also low impact which minimizes the risk of injuries. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@WEBARRE


One of the rising workout trends in recent years, Barre Classes are full body workouts inspired by elements of ballet, pilates and aerobics.

The exercises usually incorporate the use of the barre used by ballet dancers as a prop to support the movements.

Barre workouts rely on isometric movements that focus on flexing specific muscles at a time. The focus on strengthening your muscles helps to improve posture and overall functional fitness in your everyday life.

You can sign up for barre sessions at studios such as WeBarre and BarreLab.

5. Pole Fitness

Get fit while having fun as pole dancing does not feel particularly like an exercise, especially when you are immersed in the moment. PHOTO CREDIT: PIXABAY VIA PEXELS


Don’t be mistaken that pole dancing is just an exotic activity because it is in fact a full body workout that is fun and will get you working up a sweat.

The activity involves lifting your own body weight while climbing up the vertical pole which is an effective way in gaining strength and flexibility with practise.

As pole dancing is also closely related to movement and control, the activity is also great to improve your overall coordination and balance too.

Grab a friend and try out pole dancing at Slap Dance Studio and Breathe Dance Company.

Before you foray into the new world of fitness, be sure to assess if the activity is right for you to help meet your health goals. Have fun!

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