Five alcoholic beverages for beginners

These five drinks will satisfy your cravings without leaving you with an acrid aftertaste.

Nyi Htet

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Published: 22 April 2022, 4:45 PM

With the resumption of various clubbing establishments, many youths are looking forward to experiencing Singapore’s nightlife scene. And for some, this will be their very first time. 

Unfortunately, those just starting out may find themselves reeling at the acetous taste of alcohol.

To ease the first-timers in, here are five alcoholic drinks without a lingering bitter aftertaste.

1. Daiquiri

Originating in Cuba, this concocted blend of white rum, lime and sugar offers a pleasant balance of sweet and sour without overpowering one’s senses. 

You can look out for the different variations of the recipe which incorporate fruits such as strawberries and mangoes to further add a hint of sweetness to the beverage.


The invention of the daiquiri is attributed to Jenning Cox, who was an American engineer living in Cuba after the Spanish-American war. PHOTO CREDIT: DENYS GROMOV VIA UNSPLASH

2. Screwdriver

This classic cocktail which was popularised in the 1950s offers a mix between just two ingredients – orange juice and vodka. 

The burning flavour of vodka is nullified by a familiar taste of orange juice, making it more palatable for inexperienced taste buds. 

As a fun fact, its name was derived from how American oil workers would stir their drinks with a screwdriver whenever a spoon was not available.  

3. Mojito

With a fizzy mint and citrusy flavour brought on by fresh mint leaves, lime and club soda, mojitos do a more than adequate job of covering up the grassy taste of rum. 

As such, it is not only refreshing but also easy to drink, cementing it as one of the more popular alcoholic beverages for those who are just starting out. 

Popular variations include the rose mojito and fruit mojitos which can be prepared using fruit purees. 


Mojitos are more than 500 years old and are one of the oldest mixed drinks still consumed today. PHOTO CREDITS: TATYANA VEGA VIA UNSPLASH

4. Bellini

Invented in Italy, the Bellini has a characteristic pink hue. The drink is delicately fruity as it is crafted using a blend of pureed white peaches and Italian Prosecco. 

As white peaches can be difficult to find at times, common substitutes include peach nectar or yellow peaches. 

5. Radler Beer

The most traditional form of radler beer is an equal parts composition of pilsner and lemonade. 

It was conceptualised by Franz Kugler, a German innkeeper in the 1920s. It is believed that he was running short of beer for his customers and decided to mix the beer with lemon soda to stretch his supply. 

Additionally, lemon flavoured sodas such as Sprite are also commonly used in place of lemonade, making the drink carbonated. 


Tiger Beer has its own brew of the radler beer which has a 2 per cent alcohol percentage. PHOTO CREDIT: TIGER BEER


Its tangy flavour and low alcohol percentage makes the radler beer ideal for beginners. 

While youths are understandably eager to embrace this new way of life, we do caution restraint for those who may not yet be comfortable going full throttle with their selection of drinks.

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