Finding zen at the Wellness Sensorium in The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay

Located in The Meadow, the Sensorium features six zones offering experiences designed to promote holistic well-being, such as a stone ritual and a sound bath.

Nicki Chan

Probably that one person singing in the shower at 2am.

Published: 3 June 2022, 9:33 PM

A multisensory pop-up offering various wellness experiences opened at Gardens by the Bay on Jun 3, as part of the nationwide Wellness Festival taking place throughout the month of June.

Named The Wellness Sensorium, the pop-up is located in The Meadow and contains six distinct zones designed to encourage mindfulness and spread positivity while also offering aesthetic photo opportunities. 

Youthopia visited the Sensorium on its opening day to find out if it could offer us a good dose of zen.

Stone Ritual

In the first zone we visited, stones of varying shapes and sizes are placed in lines on the grass in a circular maze-like pattern. More stones are placed in trays beside the stone maze, and the instructions on the signboard invite members of the public to pick them up and engage in “a mindful and creative stone stacking ritual”. 

At first, we were unsure of how stone stacking could be mindful or creative. But after trying the activity for ourselves, we found it rather enjoyable and calming.


There is no judgement or failure in the stones – if your stack topples, you can just try again. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MIRA SORFINA


We left feeling rather zen, decidedly more excited to try the rest of the activities. 

Light and Sound Bath

As we walked through the doorway, we were quite literally bathed in waves of resonating sound. The sounds seem to be created by ringing instruments like bells, and they echo through the space in frequencies that can only be described as healing. 


There are also large wall-sized blocks emitting soft blue and purple light. GIF CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN


Visitors are encouraged to engage in two mindful practices – one to simply observe the sounds and lights, and the other to breathe in time with the changing lights. 

There is also a station next to the leftmost wall which provides little cards with affirmations written on them. Visitors are encouraged to take a card and pass it on to a stranger to spread positivity.


The cards come in a matching set that can be split down the middle, so visitors can keep one half and pass the other half to others. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MIRA SORFINA


We opted for the “You are enough just as you are” card and gave it to a stranger out in the Meadow. To our pleasant surprise, she gave us a card back. 


A wholesome exchange with a stranger we’d never met. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MIRA SORFINA

On Track

An intriguing “obstacle course” with different coloured zones, On Track is meant to help visitors appreciate where they are in life and learn to take small and meaningful steps towards their goals. 

By standing in different zones, we were able to engage in small activities relating to mindfulness and positivity. 

For example, the Breathing Zone instructed us to do a short breathing exercise. While doing this, one can also admire the view of the Meadow and the sky beyond it.

At this zone, there is also a slide with a mini rock climbing wall.


The perfect place for photos, despite not being very conducive for play. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/MIRA SORFINA AND NICKI CHAN


Those interested in trying the slide should consider dark-coloured clothing to avoid getting stains or marks on their clothing. 

Spin Orchestra

This zone has eight stationary bicycles each with a different title, such as “Balanced Health” and “All the Riches”.

Each bicycle produces a unique melody or sound when someone cycles on it. When all the bicycles are in use at the same time, the result is a harmonious symphony of healing music.


The music is by American performance and sound artist Joshua-Michele Ross, adapted from his interactive theatre experience The Adjacent Possible. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN


The experience might be reminiscent of a spin class, but likely a lot more relaxing.

Monument of Good Vibes

Markers are provided for visitors to write positive messages on the walls of this monument. Prompts such as “what is wellness to you?” encourage the public to pen down their thoughts and spread positive vibes to others. 


An inspiring line we spotted which we’d love to have as stickers on our laptops. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN

The Source

The display is a distinctive red monument in the middle of the Meadow that plays healing music and has a pillar of light in the middle.

The monument has gaps that look like narrow archways, where visitors are supposed to stand. Small black sensors on the walls of these archways activate when someone is near, playing the sound of rushing water or bells tinkling over the music.


When standing in the structure, one can also feel the floor vibrating slightly. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN


The combination of light, vibration and sound triggers three senses at once, making one feel alert and energised. This structure’s lights are best viewed at night. 

Aside from the experiences at the Sensorium, the public will also be able to enjoy free masterclasses at the Masterclass Studio, such as workshops on slow-stitching meditation and breathing exercises.

The Wellness Sensorium will run from now to Jun 12, and admission is free. Interested participants can view the programme booklet for more programmes and classes organised alongside the Sensorium.

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