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Films in 2020 to look forward to after cinemas reopen

While cinemas won't open in Phase 1, here's hoping we can catch these films soon!

Matthaeus Choo

Published: 3 June 2020, 10:47 PM

One of many things I miss about life before COVID-19 is heading to the cinema with friends to catch the latest blockbusters.

It will probably take a while for theatres to open, considering that the circuit breaker just ended and we are in only Phase 1 of reopening now. However, we can always look forward to the day that it happens.

Here is a brief recap of the films that are still set for 2020.

1. Mulan (2020)


Mulan (2020) looks to continue Disney’s hot streak of fun live-action remakes of their animated classics. Judging from its trailer, this version will provide a grittier yet more whimsical take on the Chinese legend, with epic battles and supernatural elements that are played up compared to the original.

From Donnie Yen to Gong Li, it will be refreshing to see a Disney movie fronted by a who’s who of Asia’s superstars. There will definitely be die-hard fans of the original who will cry out about the changes made to this remake, but all indications point to Mulan (2020) being a thrill ride bound to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Originally set for release in March, look forward to the film’s release on Jul 23!
2. Tenet 

I wish I could say more about the film but not much about Tenet’s plot has been revealed yet. What tantalising scraps the trailer offers is of a mind-bending, spy thriller with a heavy emphasis on time manipulation.

Thought Inception had amazing visuals? Expect Tenet to push the envelope even further, with the film reportedly being one of director Christopher Nolan’s most expensive projects yet. If his previous films are of any indication, Tenet is set to be a must-see experience in 2020.


Nolan is currently engaged in an equally dramatic battle with the studios over the film’s release date. Currently slated to be released in Singapore on Jul 16, Tenet might be pushed back to a later date so do stay tune!
3. No Time to Die 

Set to be Daniel Craig’s fifth and last time portraying the iconic spy, No Time to Die looks to give an explosive and unforgettable sendoff to cinema’s seventh James Bond. Fans of the series might also be excited to know that the film will be the first time a woman takes up the 00 moniker, injecting new life into its traditionally male-dominated (and frankly, misogynistic) world.

The Craig Bond flicks have coincidentally fallen into a pattern where the odd numbered films were much more critically acclaimed than the even numbered ones. Find out if No Time to Die will complete this pattern when it blazes onto screens on Nov 25.
4. Free Guy

Ever thought what it was like to be a nameless background character in a video game? In Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, one of these characters who breaks the boundaries of what he is meant to do – that is, being run over and shot by players – to save the world.

Perhaps more well-known as the crass anti-hero Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds can be counted on to deliver a laugh a minute beats in Free Guy with his trademark wisecracks and loveable charm. Armed with an interesting premise and likeable cast, catch Free Guy when it hits theatres on Dec 10.

5. Wonder Woman 1984


The highly-anticipated sequel continues the adventures of Wonder Woman as she takes on the exciting world of 1984. If the first film is anything to go by, Wonder Woman 1984 will be a little more stylistic and cerebral than its counterparts in the DC universe, with a plot that hones in on the character’s take on superhero work.

It is also heartening to say that this film will be existing side-by-side with Marvel’s Black Widow as superhero films starring women. Wonder Women 1984 will look to dazzle audiences when it opens on Aug 13.

6. The New Mutants 


Announced almost two years ago, The New Mutants is a relatively fresher take on the superhero genre that will hopefully be able to see the light of day in 2020. In a similar vein to Brightburn, the film will have strong horror elements, focusing on a group of young mutants escaping from a deranged mental facility that replays each of their worst fears.


A lot of unknowns hang over The New Mutant. This will be both director Josh Boone (most well-known for directing The Fault in Our Stars) and Marvel’s foray into the genre. How the film does in the box office might also be a litmus test for the upcoming sequel to the Doctor Strange series, rumoured to be horror themed. The New Mutants is slated for release on Aug 27.
7. The French Dispatch

And lastly, something for the hipsters out there. For some, director Wes Anderson can do no wrong. With The French Dispatch, expect more of his loveable trademarks from a cast of quirky characters drenched in a world of beautiful pastel.

The film, however, will have a looser plot compared to Anderson’s previous outing as a collection of three stories centered around a American newspaper in a French city. Starring a cast of frequent collaborators, The French Dispatch is set to be released on Oct 15.

Even though theatres have been closed since safe distancing measures were heightened in March, cinema staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that the cinemas remain in tip-top condition. Here’s hoping we can all catch a movie or two soon.

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