Fashion trends we are glad to have moved on from

Revisiting the cringe-worthy apparel we once worshipped.

Praise Yeo

Published: 7 April 2016, 3:59 PM

We are all guilty of removing embarrassing old photos from Facebook. What exactly is so mortifying about the old photos? Our faces? The people we’re tagged with? Or is it our hideous clothes from yesteryear?

Today we revisit the mortifying and cringe-worthy fashion trends from our past. Here are five fashion trends we’re glad to have moved on from:

1. Little Miss shirts

Ladies, we all remember the days of our childhood, when all we would ever be seen in were Little Miss shirts. This “versatile” series was paired with shorts, jeans and skirts alike, and worn for every possible occasion.


Because we totally want to know how you’re feeling today.
Photo credits: Truffleshuffle


We religiously collected the different shirts, as though people could even tell when we alternated between them.

2. Studded high heels

For the welfare of the community, I’m glad we’ve moved on from these studded heels. Originally a piece produced by Jeffrey Campbells, the imitations of these popular heels have dominated the market.


Jeffrey Campbells in their full glory.
Photo credits: Jeffrey Campbells


In the weeks that followed, these shoes were seen everywhere.

The shoes actually are really gorgeous, no offence, but they bring new meaning to killer heels. I mean, can you imagine standing next to a girl in these shoes on a jerky MRT ride?

3. Ten-button high-waist shorts

Well technically not ten-buttoned because no one has all that time, but it seemed like the 90’s kids felt that more buttons were necessary. It was as though people believed the number of buttons one had represented one’s success in life.


The more buttons, the more successful you are.
Photo credits: Dhresource


Imagine having to undo all of the buttons every single time you needed the washroom. No wonder girls took so long in the toilet. Instead of gossiping or fixing their makeup for ages like guys think, they simply are trying to button up their shorts.

4. Geek-specs/Geek-everything

Although some people hide their hobby of reading in hopes that they would never be labelled a nerd or a geek, others do all they can to profess to be like one.


These were seen on practically every youth, male or female.
Photo credits: Picture-cdn

Not only were the nerdy black-framed glasses (without lenses) the biggest thing ever; Years ago, the plain t-shirts with just the word NERD, or GEEK took Singapore by storm too. Why anyone would do that to themselves was beyond me.

5. Galaxy prints

Galaxy Prints were the biggest hit for quite a while. They were spread over everything we knew. From bags to shoes, shirts to even phone covers, these galaxy prints were seen as the most exotic thing on earth. (Or out of it, haha.)


It was everywhere I had no space to breathe. Geddit?
Photo credits: Everythinggurl


Come to think of it, people generally have a thing for the unknown, like the well-liked show E.T, astronaut ice cream, and the popularity of shooting stars.

Maybe I’d be the next big thing if I started a Little Miss Planets series, or even studded jeans. Can you imagine? You would have all the space on the MRT you so desire.

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