Famous Western eatery Botak Jones to reopen with a new outlet at Depot Lane coffee shop

Fans of Big Bern’s can finally get their hands on the Cajun Chicken, hearty burgers and more.

Effie Tan

In love with skies and spicy food.

Published: 11 June 2021, 2:12 PM

Hearty American comfort food eatery Botak Jones is making a comeback, with a new outlet at the 118 Depot Lane coffee shop. 

The announcement was made via a post on the eatery’s Facebook page on Thursday, presumably made by its owner, Bernie Utchenik. 

The post read: “Hello all you Botak Jones faithful! The time has come to fill you in! Zee (Bernie’s wife) and I, the founders of Botak Jones have been joined by two very considerate yet powerful partners to bring you The Original Botak Jones. 

“We open for delivery and self collection at 118 Depot Lane on Monday, Jun 14. The website,, is in process. Thanks for all the love, we will do our best to deserve it.”

Botak Jones was set up by Bernie Utchenik in the eateries heyday in the early 2000s, it had more than 10 outlets in Singapore, including one in Orchard Road opposite Cineleisure. Bernie eventually sold the business and went on to set up Big Bern’s American Grill, which was known for their large servings of authentic and hearty Western food. Unfortunately, the Big Bern’s outlets at Timbre+ and Gluttons Bay were shuttered in April and May respectively.

It appears that Bernie has rebranded Big Bern’s to The Original Botak Jones.

The 118 Depot Lane coffee shop also happens to be the same spot where Big Bern’s was once located. 

The Facebook post garnered many comments from faithful fans, most of whom expressed their excitement at the comeback. 

One Facebook user commented: “Welcome back! Missed your great food! Can’t wait to see you near!”

Another user responded: “Just like the good old days! CONGRATS and ALL THE BEST.”

Botak Jones also uploaded pictures of the dishes that will be returning to their new outlet next week, including their signature Cajun chilli cheese fries and fish and chips. 

Head down to Depot Lane coffee shop to self-collect some hearty American dishes or opt for delivery starting Monday! 

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