Family of Samaritans saves stray kitten hiding inside bushes in the middle of the road

The kitten had been stuck for four days before it was rescued.

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Published: 15 March 2021, 7:18 PM

Upon learning of a call for help to rescue a kitten that had been stranded for four days, Max Sadad Othman rushed down to the location with his wife and two daughters.

The 40-year-old’s wife, Saairah Rasid, was scrolling her Facebook feed on Mar 9 when she saw a post from a cat society requesting for help to save the kitten at Beach Road, just beside Golden Mile Complex – a five-minute walk from their home. She told Max about it. 

“I wanted to save the kitten as I was worried because of the location where the kitten was. It might be hit by a car if it tried to dash across the road. 

“We are animal lovers. I think even if it was a puppy or any other animals, my family and I will still help,” said Max, who added that his family have taken in five stray cats.  

Max explained that it wasn’t easy rescuing the kitten as it was hiding at the road divider. Saairah parked her tricycle in the third lane and Max used a torchlight to divert traffic away from them. 

He said that it was fortunate that within five minutes of their arrival, a Land Transport Authority officer arrived at the scene too, who promptly came to their aid, allowing them to search for the kitten. 

Max said: “My wife and eldest daughter climbed into the thick bushes with a torchlight to find the kitten. We could hear it but not see it. As it was scared, it kept moving around under the dry leaves in the bushes. The branches of the bushes also had thorns.” 

“It was only after about 30 mins that I decided to step in to search for the kitten. Luckily, it stopped exactly where I was. I grabbed it by the neck and pulled it out from the bushes into our cat carrier.”

After the relief of rescuing the scared kitten from imminent danger, Max and his family brought it back to their home. 


The family was afraid of being too attached to the kitten. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/SAAIRAH BINTE ABD RASID


Rescued kitten currently in good hands

However, the couple could not afford to foster the kitten as they already had six cats at home.

The Facebook user who posted about the kitten being trapped, Zhi Qiang, offered to do so and went to Max’s home at Jalan Sultan to bring the kitten home until he is able to find someone to adopt the kitten.

Zhi Qiang posted two videos updating about the kitten’s current condition, which appears to be healthy and eating well.

The entire incident warmed Max’s heart. 

Max said: “I feel thankful that many ppl of different races and religions came together to save a kitten even though it was going to be hard. Nobody gave up even after four days of trying.”

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