EZ-Link cards featuring 2 artworks by youths with chronic illnesses on sale; aims to promote sustainability

The artworks are designed by Nurin Insyirah, 12, and Muhammad Ridhwan, 17.

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Published: 7 August 2023, 3:44 PM

Two EZ-Link cards featuring artworks by youths with chronic illnesses have been launched for sale, in celebration of National Day. 

The artworks are done by 12-year-old Nurin Insyirah Binte Masli and 17-year-old Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Masli. 

The release of the cards with the two artworks are done in collaboration with non-profit organisation Club Rainbow (Singapore) (CRS).

The artworks are sustainability-themed, and illustrates Singaporeans taking action to turn the nation into a “global city of sustainability” in vivid colours. The cards, according to EZ-Link, are made of 84 per cent recycled PVC and aims to encourage Singaporeans to adopt “a green lifestyle both at and outside of home”.

The artwork by Nurin is titled My Green Home. It depicts an eco-friendly daily lifestyle at home, such as the use of fans instead of air-conditioning, re-using water and using energy-efficient LED lights.

According to EZ-Link, Nurin’s talent lies in using different types of brush strokes to achieve realistic, natural textures and effects in her paintings.


The card’s design has a four panel comic-style illustration of a family conserving energy and water in their home. PHOTO CREDIT: EZ-LINK, CLUB RAINBOW SINGAPORE


The artwork by Ridhwan is titled Garden in the City. It includes visuals of recycling and urban planting to promote conservation of natural resources, green commute and food security.

EZ-Link said that Ridhwan is a prolific acrylic painter who uses art to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He also wishes to have his own fruit and vegetable garden to reduce carbon footprint. 

“I am very happy to share my passion for preserving our environment with fellow Singaporeans through the card design. If we cycle instead of drive, recycle instead of discard and grow our own vegetables and fruits, we can help to minimise our environmental footprint, said Ridhwan, an avid cyclist. 

“I hope that my artwork will encourage Singaporeans to take bigger strides in keeping our environment clean and green so that Singapore will be an endearing home for generations to come.


The illustration also depicts Ridhwan’s dream of owning a vegetable garden and his love of cycling. PHOTO CREDIT: EZ-LINK, CLUB RAINBOW SINGAPORE


The cards have been made progressively available for sale since Jul 14 at SimplyGo Ticket Offices for $10 each. 

A two-card limited edition set with a complimentary card sleeve is also on sale at EZ-Link’s Shoppe store. 

The card sleeves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable paper, and provide information about the two artists and details on how members of the public can support CRS. 

As part of the campaign, EZ-Link will also make a donation of $50,000 to CRS to support its cause of empowering children with chronic illnesses to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

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