Explore local heritage and culture with Brahmastra Festival of Arts and Music

A total of 24 acts showcasing different cultural stories will be performed online.

Nur Sabrina

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Published: 5 October 2021, 2:19 PM

December looks like an exciting month for those who miss immersive cultural performances with the upcoming Brahmastra Festival of Arts and Music.

A partnership with the Somerset Belt, the digital Brahmastra Festival will feature local traditional and contemporary art forms to celebrate Singapore’s arts and cultural diversity.

“A hallmark of Singapore uniqueness is its cultural diversity, and that is what Brahmastra aims to represent by being that bridge which allows arts, music and dance to come together to showcase our cultural unity,” said Joe Tan, a Somerset Belt Youth Community Lead. 

This festival also hopes to appeal to music researchers, music enthusiasts and video directors. There will be six main acts and 18 other supporting acts throughout the month of December.

The digital festival will also feature a virtual model of Somerset Belt and its iconic landmarks like the Skate Park and Youth Park as backdrops, and immersive acts will be shown through music videos in a 360 format. 

Information about the performances will be released here on Dec 4.

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