Exhibition spotlighting employment for people with autism launched by NTU undergraduates

Titled The Autism Advantage, the campaign attempts to shed light on the untapped potential and work value of people with autism.

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Published: 21 February 2023, 4:37 PM

In a bid to raise awareness and debunk misconceptions about people with autism, four final-year students in Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information banded together to launch an exhibition.

Titled The Autism Advantage, the exhibition at Guoco Tower from Feb 20 to 26 allows the public to learn how they can play a part in creating a more inclusive workforce in Singapore.

It is part of a public communications campaign, which also follows the Enabling Masterplan 2030’s vision for Singapore as an inclusive society and a growing focus on employment for people with disabilities, run by the students.


The four-member team consists of (from left) Shaun Tan, 24, and Shernyce Goh, Chloe Chu, Shermaine Yeo, aged 22. PHOTO CREDIT: MACARIUS CHIA/THE AUTISM ADVANTAGE


As part of their Final-Year Project, the students conducted a pre-campaign survey of 150 respondents currently working in Singapore across different industries. Their findings noted that half of the respondents felt a need for change towards inclusive employment in their workplaces. 

However, among the 50 business leaders surveyed, nearly four out of five found a significant barrier in inclusive hiring due to a lack of knowledge on managing the needs of people with autism. 

The students then decided on a public communications campaign that would shed light on the untapped potential of people with autism and the value they could bring to the workforce. 

“We wanted to embark on a project for a cause within our community that we hold closely to our hearts and have a passion to advocate for,” said team member Shermaine Yeo.

“We also related deeply to the issue as soon-to-be graduates looking for employment opportunities, understanding how difficult and effortful it is to land and retain a job, which is even more so for people with autism when faced with misconceptions and stereotypes many might have about them.”

Developing the campaign with disability services & support organisation SG Enable under the i’mable public education initiative, the team is currently holding a six-day exhibition in the central business district showcasing informative content as well as interactive features.


Aside from information boards sharing the experiences of people with autism, the exhibition also has a pledge board for the public to show support for inclusive hiring. PHOTO CREDIT: MACARIUS CHIA/THE AUTISM ADVANTAGE


“I hope that the public would be able to learn more about autism and how to communicate with them,” said fellow teammate Shernyce Goh. 

“Even beyond employment, I think some of the tips we have for productive communication with individuals with autism are really helpful for everyday communication with them.”

Held at Guoco Tower B2 Atrium, the exhibition will run 9am to 10pm daily from Feb 20 to 26. 

Information presented at the exhibition can also be found on The Autism Advantage’s website and SG Enable’s i’mable website.

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