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Everything you need to know about Apple iOS 15’s new features

The new software update is set to roll out later this year.

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Published: 9 June 2021, 4:41 PM

If you’ve been looking for a way to organise your iPhone and make your life more convenient, you’re in luck!

Apple just introduced iOS 15, the latest version of its iOS operating system. With many new features revolving around convenience, the new update will make communicating on your Apple devices much more efficient.

iOS 15 is compatible with the iPhones 6s and later.

Here are some new features of iOS 15 you can look forward to.

1. New FaceTime features

With Spatial Audio, video calls on Apple’s popular video-conferencing app will sound more natural as if they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen. 

There will also be two new microphone features: voice isolation, which picks up on your voice, and wide spectrum, which brings in more ambient sounds.


During FaceTime calls, you can use portrait mode to blur the background. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLE


The best part? Apple will let users generate FaceTime call links in advance, which they can share with their friends – including those using Android or Windows. 

Apple also introduced SharePlay, a fun feature that lets users listen to music, watch movies and share their screen during a FaceTime call. As SharePlay supports Apple’s native apps and third-party apps, you can now listen to Apple Music or watch Disney+ together with your friends.

2. Bundling notifications

If you find that your notifications often get messy and overwhelming, the new Focus feature will solve that problem.

Focus filters out notifications and apps based on your preferences. Notifications will be arranged by priority and you can read them at your convenience.


Once Focus is set on one Apple device, it will automatically be set on your other Apple devices. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLE


You can also create your own custom Focus and filter all notifications between Do Not Disturb, Personal and Work. When your Focus blocks incoming notifications, others will know that you are currently unreachable thanks to a status message.

3. On-device intelligence and Spotlight features

With Live Text, iPhone users will be able to use their camera to scan text. After, they can copy the text, translate it from seven different languages or use it to search for more information.


Live Text works across iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLE


Using information from Photos, Spotlight Search will allow users to search for photos by location, people, scenes, objects and text – including handwriting.

4. Additional features

The new Shared With You feature saves and shows what your friends have shared with you via Messages in specific Apple apps, including Safari, Apple News and Photos. You can easily find them without having to scroll through your messages. 

With Apple Maps new features, you will be able to see different cities in greater detail. A new driving map also helps drivers to see the traffic and other details, including accidents and different road lanes. 

With new infographics and animations, the Weather app will give users more information and graphical data about the weather. The dynamic layout will change based on the outdoor conditions.


The animated background will accurately reflect the sun’s position. PHOTO CREDIT: APPLE


The Wallet app added support for new key types including offices, homes and hotel rooms. With just a tap of your phone on compatible door locks, you can unlock and access everyday places. 

For AirPod users, Spatial Audio will be supported when you watch content on M1 macOS and tvOS devices. 

The exact date of iOS 15’s public release is currently unknown, but it is set to roll out later this year alongside the new iPhones.

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