Epic pranks that went viral

Here are some of the pranks that have been going viral on the Internet!

 Samantha Ng
Samantha Ng

Published: 6 July 2015, 3:50 PM

Practical jokes are mostly fun, but not when you are being pranked instead. Still, these pranks are always fun to watch! Here are some epic pranks that went viral.

1. The Chris Pratt dinosaur prank

Before this prank happened, the Japanese already created their own version of the dinosaur prank with hyper-realistic velociraptor costumes. This involved one of their staff getting into the costume and chasing after their “preys”.

After the recent release of Jurassic World, YouTube pranksters SA Wardega decided that it would be fun to let Chris meet his fellow “dinosaurian” co-actors again. Check out how the reunion went below!

2. The kiss prank

I am not sure how this counts as a prank, but it has been gaining popularity on the Internet recently. It is not hard to see why.

Basically, this prank can be done in several ways; you can either go out with a group of friends, or do it alone. Go up to a random stranger, and give them a quick kiss before running away, leaving your victim feeling befuddled.

As featured in the video below, you can incorporate an irrational game in this prank. Perhaps, the success rate of this prank depends on how cute you are.

3. The zombie prank

If you are a fan of the annual Zombie Run, you are bound to enjoy this one! How would you react if you were chased by these “zombies” in the middle of the night? I probably would have just expired on the spot without putting up much of a fight.

The prank was so elaborately planned with its amazing set-up and props, as well as dedicated actors. It must be hard to stay mad at the organisers after the big reveal.

4. The end of the world prank

Personally, this is my favourite prank of all time. It is a simple, clever advertisement created by LG Electronics to promote the ultra-realistic quality of their LG IPS monitors.

These unsuspecting interviewees enter a room with hopes of getting a new job and end up witnessing, what they thought was, the beginning of an apocalypse.

The main selling point of the ad was to show off the TV’s realistic graphics. Considering how the interviewees genuinely thought they were going to die, maybe this TV is worth a buy.

5. The Hungry Ghost Festival prank

The Hungry Ghost Festival, which is coming up next month, is one of the more celebrated festivals in Singapore. It is also the time where even cynics put in effort to not be superstitious.

Then, there are some who are game enough to have “fun” with this festival by opposing traditional beliefs like avoiding the swimming pool, and being home by 11pm.

Here is a prank done by those who recognise the paranoia this festival brings and exploits it. You may actually consider add “No taking taxis” into your list of things not to do during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

If we missed out your favourite prank, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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