Entertainment venues such as computer gaming centres and billiard salons to reopen from Jul 4

There are more places for you to go in Phase 2 as Singapore gradually reopens its economy.

Nigel Chin

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Published: 1 July 2020, 3:07 PM

Want to hang out with your friends this weekend, but not sure where you can go to avoid the crowds in shopping malls?

Here’s some good news for you: More public entertainment venues are allowed to open from Saturday (Jul 4)!

In an advisory on Tuesday, the Singapore Police Force said that amusement centres, computer games centres, billiard saloons, paintball game centres and axe-throwing centres can reopen as long as they implement safe management measures (SMMs).

So if you fancy a game of billiards, or a League of Legends gaming marathon with four other friends at a computer games centre, you can do so from this weekend.

However, do note that not all entertainment venues may reopen immediately on Saturday.

The operators of these venues have to adhere to the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 to provide a safe environment for all employees and customers.

If any of the operators are unable to comply with the SMMs, they will need to notify the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) and propose alternative measures, which the police will assess. During the period of assessment, these operators aren’t allowed to reopen yet.

The latest development is part of Singapore’s  gradual reopening of its economy in Phase 2.

It was announced earlier this week that attractions such as the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios and Gardens by the Bay would reopen on Wednesday.

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