Eight types of students during submission week

Every student deals with stress differently.

Charity Chan

Published: 5 August 2015, 3:24 PM

During submission week in tertiary institutions, you get to see all sorts of funny personas you would not notice on a typical day.

Here are the eight kinds of students you might encounter during hell week:

1. The campers


Do not be surprised to see sleeping bags or pillows in the library
Photo credit: Benjamin Stone


These are the ones that have mastered the art of spending the night in school without getting caught by security guards. They will plant themselves in school to study and discuss project work until daybreak. Apart from finishing their assignments in school, they also have all their meals on campus, and find quiet spots in school to “recuperate” before carrying on with their work.

2. The busybodies


Photo credit: Randomlyreadingandranting


We all know school mates who are unable to keep still and are thick-skinned enough to sneak up on others to monitor their progress. They will not stop their search until they have confirmed that they are ahead of you in their assignment preparations.

3. The yogis


The ones who seem to have it all together
Photo credit: Topinspired


While others are freaking out about their assignments during submission week, these students are of the keep calm and carry on clique. They do not show any signs of stress or fatigue, but no one knows if they are truly prepared or just uninterested about getting high grades.

4. The overachievers


Photo credit: Heragenda


An average hardworking student will submit an assignment fulfilling all the criteria shown in the brief. However, these students will produce something several times better than what is to be expected. Moreover, they are also the ones who would have handed up their work a few weeks before the deadline.

5. The machine hoggers


Reaction of students behind these inconsiderate souls
Photo credit: Ineedthisforreactions


You see them at the printing stations on submission day, faces filled with anxiety, queuing up for their turn. Trust me, it always get intense when you are behind them in the queue. These students will take their own sweet time to double or even triple check their assignments before printing it, oblivious of the long queues behind them.

6. The emotional roller coasters


Photo credit: Bush-hats.gif


During the submission period, this bunch is most likely to break down under the pressure as their emotions will get the better of them. Be careful not to push their sensitive emotional triggers or you might have to deal with ceaseless buckets of tears.

7. The procrastinators


Photo credit: Rebloggy.gif


Among our circle of friends, there is bound to be at least one member who struggles with time management. For them, there will always be sufficient time to do anything except completing their assignments or studying. It should not come as a surprise when you see them opening a new document on Microsoft Word for a project or making notes for the first chapter of the module… on the final week.

8. The portable mama shops


The feasting does not stop even when studying
Photo credit: Hexjam


Friends who act as food porters are the best to have during this hectic period. Snacking seems to be the only way for some of us to fully concentrate on their task, so friends like these are essential.

To all students who are preparing for the upcoming exams or submission of projects, good luck!

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