Eight addictive websites to waste your time on

Learn how to code while 'baking' a cake, or take a quick mental break with ambient noise.

Wan Munirah

Published: 23 April 2020, 8:46 PM

We are left with approximately 39 more days till the end of the extended circuit breaker (CB) period, which will now end on Jun 1.

Got too much time on your hands? Here’s our curated list of delightfully addictive websites you can waste your time on. You might even learn some useful information along the way!

1. Learn how to code while 'baking' a cake

Code A Cake teaches you simple coding terms like sequencing and variables while you attempt to bake a cake.

The cute visuals are a delight to watch, and you might find yourself baking multiple cakes to explore the different settings.


The user-friendly website teaches you simple coding terms along the way. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM CODE A CAKE


2. Pick up exciting trivia you never know you needed

Trivia website is designed for “people with too much time”, which sounds like the majority of us during this CB period.

Take your pick from 17 interactive links that let you play with data (Life Stats) and test your drawing skills from memory (Draw Logos From Memory).


You can even try spending Bill Gates’ money! PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM NEAL.FUN


Oddly fascinating, I know.

3. Take a mental break with ambient noise

Miss the sound of the outdoors? Me too – I can’t even remember the last time I heard birds chirping from anywhere beyond my window. (Because I have been staying home like a good Singaporean, of course.)

Make a quick escape with ambient noise generator, A Soft Murmur. Create your own mix of ambient sounds like waves, rain and crickets, and wash all your worries away.


The best part? You can play your mix in the background as you go about your day.


4. Plan your Netflix binge-watch schedule

The good thing about staying home is being able to finally binge-watch the shows you’ve been dying to watch.

This nifty website,, helps you plan your Netflix binge-watch schedule by calculating the total time needed to complete your selected TV shows.


Find out how much time you’ll need to finish your shows before you start.


You’d need approximately 21 hours and 39 minutes to finish all four seasons of Stranger Things, and four days, 12 hours and 12 minutes to clear all 10 seasons of Friends.

No pressure, I guess.

5. Race against time with The Wiki Game

Brush up your Wikipedia search skills with The Wiki Game. In the single-player game, you need to navigate from a randomly selected article to the final target in the fewest clicks or within the shortest time.


You’ll have to click through several links to get to your goal. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM THE WIKI GAME


Heads up – the game is not as easy as it sounds. I have tried it a few times and I still couldn’t reach the final article in time!

6. Bounce cats off your screen repeatedly

I don’t think I need to explain this one. It’s just too cute not to share!


You can also share this to your friends to make their day. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM CAT BOUNCE


7. Practise your doodling skills

Google’s Quick, Draw! will try to decipher your less-than-terrific doodles under 20 seconds, giving you an excuse to practise your finger doodling skills. Some even dubbed it as “playing Pictionary with a robot”.


Your doodles will help Google improve its ‘neural network’ too. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM QUICK, DRAW!


8. Do absolutely nothing for two minutes

This website will definitely test your patience. The two-minute timer starts as soon as you load the page, and you are instructed to do nothing more than to relax and watch the waves.

The timer resets once you move your mouse or keyboard. Are you able to make it till the end?


What’s two minutes when we’ve been doing nothing for longer than that? PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM DO NOTHING FOR TWO MINUTES


We hope that our list will help you waste the day away, albeit productively, as you await the end of the extended CB period. We can do this!

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